River Cruise Scenarios

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For these three scenarios, please consider them all river cruise related.  Please be prepared to answer questions regarding options for these clients.  Do not worry about dates/cost at this time.  Even though the cost is a critical factor, it is really important to understand the needs of the client and what options you can fit to those needs.  Detail is important and knowing our client needs is important.  It is OK to ask follow up questions in the interview to help you determine the best advice for these potential clients.

Scenario 1:

Michelle Sabina and her husband Kirk are huge history buffs.  They will be traveling with their 16 year old son, 12 year old twin daughters.  The kids are homeschooled and this trip will be used for history lessons as well.  They are currently studying US History.

Michelle is a stay at home Mom and she also helps her husband's business with some back office work.  Her husband has an accounting business and is very business in the first quarter of the year so the family takes a large vacation during the summer.  They have 2-3 weeks available for this vacation.

The family is very active.  On other vacations they have done water sports and other water activities.  They are all excellent swimmers.  They enjoy hiking, biking, and swimming.

When they go on vacation, they prefer nicer accommodations.  They look for a minimum of 4 stars.

They are an upper middle-class family and have been finncial resources for this trip.


  1. What cruise line would you recommend for this family and why?

  2. What cruise itinerary would you suggest for this family?

  3. What are your other recommendations for this family?


Be prepared to answer some additional questions in the interview related to any research you may have done scenario.

Scenario 2:

Stephanie Blackwell has contacted you.  She was recommended to you by a co-worker.  She and her husband love to cruise and have been to almost all of the Caribbean Islands and was looking at European river experience.  As much as they love the cruise lines they are looking at a quieter all-inclusive smaller ship.

They love wine and fine dining as well as luxury accommodations.  Stephanie has even been contemplating taking some cooking classes to learn how to make some of the unique European dishes they enjoy in restaurants.

Stephanie and her husband Bill do not have any children.  They value good service.  They both have good jobs and flexible vacation time.  They have done the beach vacations and are looking for something different.  They both have valid passports which do not expire for many years.

  1. What cruise line and destination would you recommend for them and why?

  2. What are some of the features and benefits of the cruise line you have chosen?


Be prepared to answer some additional questions in the interview related to any research you may have done scenario.

Scenario 3:

Fran and Joe Findlay live in New England and have 2 daughters aged 4 and 6.  They have been to many destinations throughout the Caribbean and want to share these experiences with their extended family but prefer to cruise on Norwegian.

The extended family is as follows:

  • Fran’s sister Penelope Smith and her husband Sam who live in Texas with 2 children a son age 12 and daughter age 17

  • Joe’s brother Jeremiah Findlay and his wife Julia who live in Louisiana, they have no children.

  • Joe’s parents Joseph Sr. and Jeanne will be coming from New England as well.

  • Fran’s parents, Jody and Ralph Quarter will be coming from New England too.


They want a tropical destination to share with the family of all ages for their vacation and are planning to take it in the summer.


  1. Fran’s and Joe’s parents will be paying for the entire trip for all families.

  2. What Norwegian cruise would you recommend for this extended family with varying ages?

  3. What special arrangements do you think you would have to arrange for a multi-family trip?

  4. What special circumstances do you have to consider for this extended family?

  5. Based on the structures of the cabins on Norwegian, what would be important to share with your client about the cabins and which cabin styles would you recommend for this family?

Be prepared to answer some additional questions in the interview related to any research you may have done scenario.