Crissy Wertz

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Vacation Specialist


My name is Crissy and as described by my family and friends, "the crazy Disney lady"!!! My love for Disney started when we took our two year old daughter on her first trip. There is nothing better than seeing Disney through your child's eyes. We took her every year for 6 years and it never got old. 


We took a year off so we could travel to Europe, which included a trip to Disneyland Paris. This was an absolute must before I agreed to go on the Europe trip.  The temperature was 104° that day, but it didn't matter - we were in Disney and I couldn't have been happier!! 


For me, planning a vacation is just as much fun as the  vacation itself. I have enjoyed planning our trips so much that I have decided to help other families plan theirs. 


I hope you let me assist you in customizing your vacation plans to fit both your dreams and your budget.  I'm ready to spread some pixie dust!

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