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Daniel Conte

Specializing in Disney Destinations, Theme Park Vacations, Cruises, Special Needs Travel, Adults-Only & Family Travel  


From a young age I have always cherished travelling. Whether it was a family trip or with friends I have always enjoyed all aspects of travel. From seeing new sights to meeting new people, travel has always been rewarding.

My first trip to Walt Disney World was the summer before starting High School. To say I was excited was an understatement. This was a family trip. We stayed at one of the Walt Disney World resorts. I can't help but admire all of the amenities and ease of the trip due to what Disney was able to offer. We had a blast! The next time I was at Walt Disney World was at Christmas time. The decorations and the parades were amazing. I love the effort and creativity put in by Disney. I instantly become wrapped up in the “Disney Spirit” every time I'm there.

As a Firefighter and a U.S. Army veteran I understand the importance of destressing and letting your guard down from time-to-time. I have had some amazing trips in my time. I fully understand the need for relaxation as well. From Ocean Cruises to Disney Destinations and Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations. From clocking out on the job to checking in at the airport, let me help you find the excitement or relaxation needed to fuel your needs.


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