Vacation Specialist Overview

Thank you for your interest in being an Independent Contractor Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel.


Our agency strives to provide an exceptional experience to our Vacation Specialists which includes mentoring, opportunities for development, recognition, and rewards.  


We have a 4 tier commission schedule that starts at 65% to the agent.  Increased sales will result in a promotion to a higher level with an increased commission percentage.


Agency Philosophy:

We believe in teamwork and development.  As such we will hold monthly conference calls for communication. Additionally, there will be an annual meeting at a Disney destination at which training will be provided either by the agency or by Disney.


The agency uses a CRM system in order to keep client information, quote progress, and booking information.  All clients assigned to the vacation specialist remain the property of the vacation specialist they are assigned.


Integrity is an integral part of our agency and what we do.  We are trusted by our clients to ensure that their private information is kept safe.  As such, we perform a background check on anyone that we extend an offer to.  The offer will be contingent on the background check coming back clean.  Additionally all agents are contracted to maintain high ethical standards.


The Vacation Specialist role is an independent contractor role.  As such our Vacation Specialists are building their own business.  This role is not for those who are looking for a hobby but those who are looking to build a business.  Vacation Specialists are responsible for building their own client base, and that client base remains the property of the Vacation Specialist.

This is not for the Hobbyist!  

We are NOT affiliated with any MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Pyramid company.  There are no requirements for recruiting or down lines.

 What we offer?

   Training & Support:   

  • All Vacation Specialists (agents) complete vendor provided training including the College of Disney Knowledge®

  • Agency provides additional training to new Vacation Specialists ranging from "I am a Vacation Specialist, Now What ?!?!?!?" to Know you client and quote training.

  • All new Vacation Specialists are assigned a paid mentor to assist them in getting started.

  • Additional training is offered to all Vacation Specialists

  • Annual onsite training at various destinations



   Generous commission rates :

  • Vacation Specialists have the opportunity to earn higher commission rates the higher their sales are.  Our top Specialists earn some of the highest rates in the industry.

  • Opportunities to earn incentives.


   Flexible work hours :

  • Vacation Specialists choose their own hours and are NOT required to have a specified number of hours per week, month, or year.

  • Vacation Specialists work from home.



   Benefits :

  • Vacation Specialists who earn their CLIA or IATA card are eligible to receive discounts from vendors based on the vendors requirements.

  What do we require?
  Must Haves:
  • A passion for Disney destinations, Universal Studios, & Sea World and an Extensive knowledge of these destinations

  • Customer Service skills

  • Excellent communication skills (written & verbal)

  • Computer with full internet access (phone or tablet alone is NOT sufficient) & a printer

  • Excellent computer skills

  • Must be a self-starter with ambition to build your own business

  • High level of integrity

  • Must have been to a Disney destination, Universal Studios, and/ or Sea World at least 6 times and have stayed on these property multiple times

  • Must be willing/able to travel to Disney destinations (at your own cost) at least once every 2 years and stay on Disney property

  • Must be a team player


   Nice to Haves:
  • Marketing experience

  • Sales experience

  • Travel Agent experience


We thank you for your interest.  If you would like to pursue becoming a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel, LLC please submit an application with the link provided.


***** Important information*****


Please note that all candidates are required to partake in our 2 month Agent Development program.  Candidates who are self starters can finish their Agent Development program early.  All who complete the Agent development program will complete an assessment to ensure that they have the knowledge needed to proceed as a Vacation Specialist and at that time the candidate will be given a full contract if they meet the assessment requirements.  More information will be provided during the interview.


Coasters & Castles Travel does have a Training/ User license fee of $200.00 or for 2 person teams (spousal or other teams) $250.00. 

The agency does require agents to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system and does provide E & O insurance for our Independent Contractors.  We subsidize the cost of these for our agents but they are required to pay an annual cost which is due at contract renewal.


Please note travel discounts are offered at the discretion of the vendor and are typically limited in availability and usage as well as subject to sales performance.


Certain states require licensing or registration to agents who live in and/or market to residents of these states. 


Florida is one of these states.  All agents who live in Florida must register and all agents who market/ sell to residents of Florida must register.  There is an annual registration requirement and a fee to be paid to the state.

Due to regulatory requirement costs in California and Delaware, the agency does not market to residents of these states and the agents of the agency may not market/ sell to residents of these states.  We also cannot have any agents who are residents of CA & DE.

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