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Have Allergies, Will Travel

When you or a family member has food allergies, travel can become a nightmare. What if you eat something you are allergic too by accident? Is the kitchen staff taking your allergy seriously enough?

The Disney World staff does an outstanding job caring for people with food allergies and sensitivities. It's the one vacation destination where my friends with severe allergies feel safe.

On a recent visit, I stayed at Port Orleans - French Quarter. I was waiting to order some of their delicious beignets for breakfast when I overheard a man ordering gluten-free beignets for his wife. This is a Quick Service food location serving lots of hungry guests so I watched to see how they would handle his request.

The cashier went to the kitchen and soon returned with the chef. The man explained his dietary needs to the chef, who took careful notes and told him it would be about ten minutes. No problem at all! The staff was courteous and welcoming. The special request was no big deal - exactly what you want as a guest.

A good friend, and client, has a son with a severe allergy to milk and beef. They have gone to Disney several times with him because they feel safe there and know the staff respects the severity of his allergies and goes to great lengths to accommodate him. If something did happen, there are First Aid stations in each park to help.

If you make Table Service reservations, you or your Travel Agent should make note of any special dietary needs at the time of booking. When you arrive for your reservation, remind the staff and they will be sure to help you. There are even allergy friendly packaged snacks available in most gift shops.

What a treat to be able to eat out with your family and not worry! Just one more example of the excellent service at Walt Disney World.

Mary Graham is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel and she specializes in Disney World vacations. As an Annual Passholder, Mary visits frequently. Her favorite ride is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and her favorite character is Dumbo.

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