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Disney Secrets and Freebies

Visitors to Disney World may not realize how many fun, free things there are to do, see and even collect. Here are some of our favorites!


Disney offers a selection of free buttons to celebrate just about any occasion such as birthdays,engagement, honeymoon and of course your 1st visit. Recently, a change was announced to the design of the buttons. You can wear your buttons proudly through the parks and see what extra "magic" they might bring your way. And, the best part is, they are also fun to collect and take home. The buttons shown here can be obtained from Guest Relations, retail locations and your resort front desk. There are also surprise buttons you can get from Cast Members such as promotion buttons, DVC, Honorary Citizen and lots more!

Hidden Mickeys

Throughout the parks you can look for the Hidden Mickey’s and it’s been said that on a few Hidden Minnie’s. See if you can find the smallest Hidden Mickey in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom.

When at Rapunzel’s tower see if you can spot the Hidden Pascal’s.

Stickers, stickers and more stickers!

You can find cast members handing out stickers everywhere. So keep an eye out at your resort, parks, restaurants, and everywhere else to score some cool stickers for your photo albums and scrapbooks!

Main Street

The mailboxes on Main Street are real, you can send post cards (you can buy in any gift shop) home or to family or friends.

On Main Street in the Chapeau shop or in Tomorrow Land (pay phone under the people mover) if you find an old style telephone if you pick it up you can listen to a pretty funny party conversation.

Fun and Games

Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom trading cards is an interactive Magic Kingdom game that is played with collectible trading cards. Whether you play the game or not, these cards are great to collect and keep. Each member of your party can get a free pack of 5 cards each day you enter Magic Kingdom. Get yours at the firehouse on Main Street U.S.A. or behind the Christmas shop in Liberty Square.

For all the little girls and moms who would love some free pixie dust stop by the barbershop on Main Street or Castle Couture in Fantasyland.

You can ask any transportation cast member for a trading card. They have cool pictures on one side and have a joke or a fun fact on the other.

On Main Street and down the alley the windows on the second floor space advertise a music and dance studio, if you listen very carefully you’ll hear something really neat!

In Pinocchio’s Village Haus near the exit to the left of the cashiers you or your kids can write down a wish and when you are done, reach your hand around the right side of the back of the desk and there is a button. Push the button and the mural above the desk makes a noise like the wish was sent.

Hollywood Studios

In Hollywood studios stop by the Muppets Vision 3D! Once you enter the Muppet Vision 3D building, as you go through the turnstiles look immediately to your right If you read the sign hanging from the box office window it says:

"Back in 5 minutes

Key is under mat"

If you look down you will discover that there is a Welcome mat on the floor just below the Box Office Window and if you take the time to reach down and actually lift up the mat you will discover that there really is a key under the mat! If mention this to a cast member they will give you a Muppets sticker(s).

Ask one of the cast members to give you the Citizenship test at One Man’s Dream in Hollywood studios. They will ask you questions about what you have learned walking throughout One Man’s Dream. If you pass you get a certificate.


In EPCOT at Tomorrowland Speedway you can get an official license. They are often given out in the queue line for the Speedway. If you don't see anyone handing them out, just ask a cast member!

Many people think that EPCOT is more for adults. Well they were wrong… Check out the Kidcot fun stops in each country of EPCOT'S World Showcase. Your child will receive a complimentary Duffy the Bear cardboard cutout. There are supplies to decorate it. Cast members will stamp their Duffy in each country while teaching kids to say Hello or write their name in their native language.

Animal Kingdom

At Disney's Animal Kingdom, you can pick up a free Wilderness Explorers Handbook and become a real life Wilderness Explorer. In it, you and your kids can complete 30 hands-on challenges to earn badge stickers for their book. You even get a cool Wilderness Explorer sticker to put on your shirt. They will learn all about wild animals and wild places in the park while collecting fun keepsakes to take home!

Maria Merritt is a vacation specialist with Coasters and Castles Travel. She lives in Arizona but is originally from Colorado. Her favorite Disney character is Princess Belle and her favorite attraction is the Kilimanjaro safari in Animal Kingdom. You may contact her at mmarquez-merritt@coastersandcastlestravel.com Hablo Español

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