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May the 4th Be With You!

It's crazy how fast the year is going... today is a fun day for Disney's Star Wars fans!! Get out those light sabers, find a Jawa to trade with and use the force because it's STAR WARS DAY!!

There has been some awesome news about the expansion of Star Wars Land in Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World® and in Disneyland® lately... are YOU excited about all of the new experiences??

At a panel discussion at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando entitled Star Wars and Disney Parks: A Galaxy in the Making, back in April, representatives from Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Imagineering shared details about the new galactic lands being created at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Star Wars-themed lands are the largest-ever, single-themed land expansions in both Disneyland® and Walt Disney World® Resorts. In each new land the park guests will be transported to a never-before-seen planet. Yes, a NEVER before seen planet! This will be a remote trading port and one of the last stops before wild space – where Star Wars characters and their stories come to life. At the panel discussion the team explained that the story behind this mysterious destination is somewhere on the Outer Rim — lying on the edge of the Unknown Regions. Per Disney Parks Blog, "The remote village was once a busy crossroads along the old sub-lightspeed trade routes, but the prominence of the outpost has been bypassed with the rise of hyperspace travel. Now home to those who prefer less attention, it has become a thriving port for smugglers, rogue traders and adventurers traveling between the frontier and uncharted space. It’s also a convenient safe-haven for others intent on avoiding the expanding reach of the First Order. Unusual characters from across the galaxy have landed here, preferring the “no questions asked” environment as well as easy access to exotic supplies and an abundant supply of ready rogues looking to join a crew for their next adventure."

These new experiences sound amazing and I, for one, am looking forward to their opening in 2019! Are you!! Until then, May the 4th Be With You!!

Chrissie Lograno-Weinstein is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel, LLC. She is from Rockaway Beach, NY and currently lives in Cape Coral, Florida with her husband and children. Chrissie has been to Walt Disney World more times than she can count. She is an avid Disney fan and a mom who is all too familiar with traveling with children who have special needs. Her favorite characters are Minnie Mouse and The Muppets. Her favorite attractions are Mickey's Philharmagic and Jungle Cruise. Chrissie would love to help you book and plan a MAGICAL Disney vacation!

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