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Why You Should Use a Vacation Specialist

With so much information available online and in guide books, why would anyone outsource their vacation planning? Good question! And, here are the answers.

1. To save time.

Sure, there is a lot of information about Disney destinations online. Like, a LOT of information. An overwhelming amount of information. Taking the hours upon hours to sift through it all can be extremely time-consuming and confusing (especially for a Disney World vacation where dining reservations are made 6 months in advance!) A Vacation Specialist takes care of all the details to plan your vacation just for you. With everything else we all have going on (work, caring for children, keeping up our homes etc.) this is one thing you can take off your plate.

2. Knowledge.

A Vacation Specialist has spent many hours learning all about Disney destinations. Plus, at Coasters & Castles Travel, we have a full team available to call upon so they can address any of your needs.

3. Promotion Monitoring.

Disney will release Special Offers throughout the year. Your Coasters & Castles Travel Vacation Specialist will monitor these as they are released. If we can apply one to your reservation, we will make sure it gets applied. This saves you both time and money.

4. Advocate.

Should you encounter a problem while on your vacation, Coasters & Castles agents will be able to advocate on your behalf to help you resolve the issue.

5. It's FREE!

That's right. All of the services (detailed below) of a Vacation Specialist are 100% FREE to their clients.

Coasters & Castles Travel Vacation Specialists handle the following:

  • Book your Room or Package

  • Make your dining reservations.

  • Make your Fastpass+ reservations.

  • Arrange any necessary transportation.

  • Set up a registry for honeymooners.

  • Set up your My Disney Experience account.

  • Create your itinerary as little or as much as you choose.

I hope this helps explain what a Vacation Specialist does for you.

Mary Graham is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel. She has visited Walt Disney World over 20 times and finds something new each and every visit. Her favorite ride is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and her favorite character is Dumbo. She loves helping families, especially first time visitors, plan their vacations to Walt Disney World as well as other Disney destinations.

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