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A *Pink* Star Wars Birthday Party

It's not a surprise to anyone who knows me that I LOVE a party with a theme. I spend way too much time thinking about every little detail that basically no one else (with the exception of the other party-planning maniacs in my life - I'm lookin' at you, Annie and Alayna) even cares about. But, I can't help it - it's my jam!

My girls are exactly one year and two days apart. This means one thing. They are going to share a birthday party until they physically try to fight me on the subject. ;) So far, we have picked a fun Disney theme every year. This year, they turned 3 and 4, and Maddy, for months, requested a Star Wars birthday party. Ever since she and I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens she was in love. She couldn't stop telling me how "cute" Chewbacca is. So, a Star Wars party was on the table. But not just any SW birthday party... a PINK one. Game on, I love a challenge.

First step, find the adorable invitations - so off to Etsy I went. I get lost in there for hours, days, months, I don't even know - but that's a different story.

Lauren, at darlingcustomprints, was AMAZING. Her creations are 100% her own take on classics that we all love, and the watercolor is just stunning. She already had the invitation "ready", but worked so hard with me to get the characters I wanted, and turn it all *pink*!

I love how the characters all look so young - perfect for a little girl's party. And can we PLEASE just take a moment to talk about Vader with a pink balloon and a pink lightsaber. Hysterical. I laughed at that for like....way too long. And people just did not think it was as funny as I did. Whatever, it IS funny, people. He is my favorite <3 My second favorite part of this invite is Yoda is saying it's an ice cream party.. too perfect.

Which brings me to the next, and in my opinion, most important party topic: EATS.

I decided to go easy on the party food with pizza, mini meatballs, veggies, fruits, and subs - so that I could go heavy on the best part - the Ice Cream Bar. Because, dessert.

The dessert table was my favoriteeeee.

The ridiculously delicious and equally beautiful galaxy cake was made by my favorite local bakery, Baked! By Camille, along with the cupcakes. I showed Camille a picture of what I hoped the frosting would look like, and she made sure my vision came to life.

How flippin' adorable are those Yoda ice cream bowls we made? I mean seeeeeriously.

The ice cream toppings were as follows:

Edible Ewoks: mini gummy bears

Galaxy Moons: pastel colored nonpareils

C-3POreos: Oreo cookies (crushed)

Hans Rolos: Rolos

Chewy's Cookies: Cookiecrisp cereal

Blaster Bullets: rainbow sprinkles

For favors I went a pretty simple route and the kiddos got some Star Wars stickers, tattoos, and - DIY Lightsabers.

Just wrap some silver duct tape around the handle of a bubble wand, attach a cute "Thank You" tag, and you are good to go!

For a fun little activity, I ordered some printable masks from the Etsy store Stickericashop. I printed them at home, laminated them, and added wooden sticks to hold them up. The girls were so funny with their cute little masks. But I'd say us moms had the most fun ;)

Such a fun day celebrating my sweet girls with so many of our favorite people around us! <3

*All photos used in this post were provided by the lovely and talented Katie of Katie Renee Photography

Whitney is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters and Castles Travel, and lives in Upstate NY. Her passion for Disney began when she was a little girl during her family's yearly WDW vacations. She takes great pride in her knowledge and love of Disney and would love to assist in helping anyone she can in planning vacations that are perfect for their own family. She can be contacted at wmattox@coastersandcastlestravel.com.

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