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Tip Tuesday

Every Tuesday, the Vacation Specialists at Coasters & Castles Travel will share one of their Tips for a great vacation. These have been compiled over many, many trips and will help you have a seamless, wonderful vacation.

From Mary Graham, Vacation Specialist:

One question I hear ALL. THE. TIME. is, "What's the weather like in xxx month?"

Here's the truth - no one can 100% tell you what the weather will be during your trip. And, even if someone says that a certain week or month was nice for their trip, there is simply no guarantee.

I'd suggest looking up Historical Weather for the weeks you are considering, and pack accordingly. During the summer, it is likely to rain every day of your vacation. Not all day. But, pop-up thunderstorms are very very common. My advice? Pack a poncho or rain jacket and keep touring. If you are there in the winter months, bring an extra layer in case it turns chilly. You can have a GREAT vacation no matter what the weather. So, plan and pack wisely and remember to just have fun!!

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