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Matching Shirts

Do you really want to be “that” family? The ones that wear matching shirts? Heck yes I do!

My favorite part of the trip is buying or designing matching shirts for our family/friends trip. Not only do matching shirts make your pictures look better, but it also makes it so easy to keep up with each other.

Matching shirts are such a trend now and the designs are endless. Whether you buy them from a store, have them made, make them yourself, or buy them at the parks they are cute, fun, and can show you and your family and friends personalities. You can have your favorite characters, cute sayings, favorite rides, holidays, special occasions, or anything Disney and show your true Disney side. So next time you see one of “those” families tell them you like their shirts....they love it!!

Here are some of my favorites:

And some from our other Vacation Specialists.

Here is Sarah Swartz and company wearing coordinating shirts from Walt Disney World. You don't have to 100% match or even make custom shirts to look cute. They make a GREAT photo!!

Vacation Specialist Tammie Dial and her family used matching shirts as easy breezy costumes for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. They went as members of the Monsters University Fraternity Oozma Kappa!!


Brittany Lynch makes shirts for her friends. Don't they look great?

Robin Wright is a Vacation Specialist (and t-shirt creator). She lives in Texas with her family and visits both Walt Disney World and Disneyland as often as she can! Sarah Swartz is a Vacation Specialist who lives in Florida and visits Walt Disney World all.the.time! Brittany Lynch lives in Massachusetts. She honeymooned in Walt Disney World and teaches high school science as well as plans awesome Disney vacations for her clients. Tammie Dial lives in Texas with her family and teaches High School. Her daughter was recently accepted into Disney World's College Program.

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