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All About Travel Insurance

It is pretty normal to think about car insurance, house/ renter’s insurance, health/ dental/ & vision insurance, and even life insurance. The one area we never think of insurance is travel insurance. Before becoming a travel agent, I never got travel insurance myself.

Soon after I became a Travel Agent, I read about a couple who had always bought travel insurance and never needed it. They chose to book their trip without it and disaster struck. The wife fell and broke her hip and needed surgery in a different country. When all was said & done, the cost was over $30,000.00. Just $200-300 worth of travel insurance (or maybe cheaper depending on their trip) could have saved them a lot of money.

In the news recently, we have heard about a cruise ship being quarantined at one of the ports because someone on board came down with the measles. Even if you were immunized as a child, there is a good chance that your immunity is no longer valid. I personally was tested in 2007 and learned this to be true and was immunized again for measles.

I know of a couple of families that recently had to either move their trip due to a late injury (the week before the trip) or cancel their trip due to a death in the family. These things happen. Travel insurance will give you some protection.

Keep in mind that most travel agents are not licensed for insurance and they work under the insurance agency’s licenses. This means that the travel agent cannot comment on the coverage. It is very important to read the insurance rider that your agent provides and to call the insurance company to clarify coverage so that you fully understand what your coverage is.

I can tell you one thing, I will never travel without insurance again.


Lynne Macolini is an agent and owner of Coasters & Castles Travel.

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