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Chattanooga Summer Vacation with Toddlers Part 2

Updated: May 27, 2022

Well, last time I posted, I said I had a “part 2” coming. Here it is, 3 months later, and I’m finally getting to that! Have the last few months flown by for anyone else? I mean, July seems like just a few weeks ago and now we are approaching the new year! If you read my last post, which can be found here, you read about the Creative Discovery Museum and the Tennessee Aquarium, but here in downtown Chattanooga. Though our no-travel summer came to a close pretty fast (and we started traveling again), I do have a few more Chattanooga-area things to share!

If you love the outdoors, then Chattanooga is a great place to visit! With numerous parks, lake accesses, hiking and mountain bike trails, nature centers, and more, the outdoor enthusiast will feel right at home. Since my girls aren’t quite ready for hiking yet (but are too heavy to be carried long distances), we opted to check out several local playgrounds this summer. Though not directly in Chattanooga, our favorites were Deer Park, which is about 30 minutes out of Chattanooga in Cleveland, TN, and The Pumpkin Patch Playground on Signal Mountain. Since keeping up with two toddlers at a playground is a full-time job, unfortunately I don’t have any photos from these adventures.

Though we stayed fairly close to home all summer, we did venture a little over an hour north to Knoxville, TN, where we spent the day at Zoo Knoxville with friends. This is a great day trip, or even a good place to stop for a while if you’re on the way to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, TN!

Of course, if you live in Chattanooga, you’re never far from water. The Tennessee River runs right through, with several smaller rivers and creeks off of it. We are fortunate enough to have a family member with a boat, so we spent several summer days out on the water, which the girls (and mama) love!

We didn’t totally stay home all summer though- in August, once schools were back in session and summer was winding down, our family hit the road for the girls’ first beach trip! That’s another post in itself, so come back to check out our adventure of taking two toddlers to see the ocean!


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Kara is a vacation specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel and mom to 2 year old twin girls. She loves to travel and explore with her family- Walt Disney World is their favorite destination, but they also love exploring new destinations. Kara can be reached at KBrown@TravelCnC.com for vacation planning services!

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