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Dining at Morimoto Asia

One rainy summer day recently, we were hungry, wet and hot in Disney Springs. With so many amazing dining experiences nearby, it was hard to choose where to get lunch. Our family loves asian food though, so we decided on Morimoto Asia. Lunch is a great time to select something on a whim. We didn't have a reservation and found we didn't need one. It was our lucky day!

The first thing that we noticed entering the restaurant is the soaring space. Clear beads hung from the ceiling like rainfall above our heads, creating a dramatic statement.

We were seated in a comfortable booth in the center of the dining room. Our waiter greeted us warmly and explained the menu. There are so many choices here! From sushi to dumplings to Peking duck, ramen and more. It was hard to choose.

Though the sushi was tempting, we decided on the Kung Pao Chicken Dumplings ($11) and Kanikama Rangoon (3 pieces / $11). Unlike any local Chinese place, these were clearly handmade and well-crafted. The kung pao flavor really came through and the crab rangoon had a crispy exterior with a clear crab flavor in the filling.

My daughter had the Red Miso-glazed Faroe Island Salmon ($36) which came with a little pitcher of a rich broth to pour over it. She declared this the 'best salmon she has ever eaten' and has asked to go back again. Our other daughter ordered Duck Ramen ($17) Her dish was huge and delicious. She also ordered a Thai tea which was outstanding! Orange scented tea with sweetened condensed milk poured on top. Beautiful to look at and refreshing to drink!

Thai Tea

My husband and I both ordered the Seafood Crispy Shanghai Noodles ($30). Rich and flavorful broth brimming with shrimp, scallops, calamari and greens. Delicious!

I hope you try Morimoto Asia! This is NOT theme park food. It would make an amazing and sophisticated date night for any slightly adventurous eater.


Mary Graham is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel. A self-proclaimed foodie, she and her family love to try unique dining options at Walt Disney World and other vacation destinations. Email: mary@tripsbymary.com for help planning your next adventure!

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