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Dining: Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I ventured to Disney Springs for some dinner and shopping last month. There are so many great quick service options but I decided on Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza. Located in the Town Center section it's really close to the bus stop. When you get off of the bus head right towards the shops. When you enter the mall area head straight towards the Welcome Center then turn left. Blaze will be on the left just before the bridge. 

They are a fast casual chain but I don't have one near me so I wanted to check it out. Specializing in make your own pizzas with fresh and simple ingredients, they state they will cook your pizza in 180 seconds. It has an open kitchen so you can watch them make and bake your pizza which is fun.  Each pie is 11 inches or a personal size pizza. I ordered a pie for myself, I was pretty full but able to finish it on my own.

To customize your own pizza you can choose from the following. 1 topping is $8.65 and 2 is $9.45. 

- Crusts: Choose from original, high rise or gluten free for another $2.50, cauliflower for $3.00 or keto for $4.00. 

- Sauces: classic red, spicy red, white cream and garlic pesto

- Cheese: feta, goat, Gorgonzola, ovalini mozzarella, Parmesan, ricotta, shredded mozzarella and vegan cheese

- Veggies: artichokes, banana peppers, black olives, cherry tomatoes, chopped garlic, fresh basil, green peppers, kalamata olives, mushrooms, oregano, pineapple, red onions, red peppers, roasted garlic and spinach

- Finishes: arugula, balsamic glaze, bbq drizzle, buffalo sauce, pesto, olive oil or ranch

If you prefer to keep it simple they have 8 signature pizzas already designed for you to order, each $9.95. I tried the Red Vine which included ovalini mozzarella, tomatoes, parmesan, basil, red sauce and olive oil drizzle. It was similar to a margherita pizza. They even had a nice selection of salads; classic caesar, roasted squash and arugla with fresh fruit and garlic knots as a side. For those who have trouble making decisions you can order the Take Two where you get half a pizza and a side salad or 4 garlic knots for $9.95. They also had desserts including a S'Mores Sandwich and beverages, including some bottled beer and wine to complete your  meal. 

You begin to place your order and go down the line similar to Subway or Chipotle to choose your toppings. When finished they mark off your pizza with a metallic number that goes into the oven so they distinguish each one. You then head down to the end to wait for your pizza, it really only took a few minutes when they call your name and you get your pizza fresh from the oven! They had a decent amount of seating in a dining room inside but more seating outside in a wrap around patio. It was a nice October night in Florida so I choose to eat outside. Like any pizza, it's really best fresh and while it's hot. I love brick oven pizza so I really enjoyed it. The crust with thin and crunchy, cooked just right. I would definitely eat at Blaze again. It would be fun to go in a group and order a number of different pizzas to taste test them all!


Melissa Lenox is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel. She is a former entertainment cast member, loves Star Wars, Chip 'n Dale, dining at Walt Disney World and planning trips for others! Contact her at mlenox@coastersandcastlestravel.com

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