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Disney Cruise Line® Kids Club, the Alfa Romeo of Kids Clubs

Taking a Disney Cruise Line® is like no other for adults, but for kids, it is the creme de la creme! As an adult, I am wowed by the ship and all the fun activities I can do. At the start of each cruise there is an opportunity to tour the kids clubs during the open house time frame. I was shocked to see all the fun options available to kids.

Disney Cruise Lines® has 4 levels in their kids clubs. We are going to cover the first two this week.

“it’s a small world” nursery: This club requires a reservation and is for littles ages 6 months to 3 years. There is an additional charge for this service. The activities are not scheduled but are based on the inclination of the kiddos. The counselors are highly trained and there are two rooms for this unit. A play room designed after it's a small world and a quiet room with cribs for napping.

Next up is Disney's Oceaneer Club: This area is designed for kids ages 3-12. This is included with the cruise fare. Activities do vary by the ship:

Disney Dream: Imagine your kids playing along with the Magic PlayFloor. This is a magical floor that let's the kids choose the path as they navigate through their favorite Disney movie or other games.

There are several different themed rooms that the kids can play in. They range from Andy's room to Star Wars: Millennium Falcon. The kids can be immersed in the stories of their favorite Disney movies in these rooms. The two other rooms are Disney Infinity Game Room and Pixie Hollow.

Would it be Disney without characters? Not on a Disney Cruise, it would not. Yes, the characters will stop by the kids clubs and engage with the kids. Keep in mind that these experiences may be different when cruises start back up again due to Covid restrictions but knowing Disney, they will have a creative way for the kids to still see Mickey, Minnie, and more.

Disney Fantasy: The Fantasy has similar themed rooms as the Dream but also slightly different. Instead of the Star Wars: Millennium Falcon, the Fantasy has Star Wars: Command Post. Rebel kids can battle the First Order and the Stormtroopers face to face! The Fantasy also has MARVEL Super Hero Academy! Where was this when I was a kid! Sign me up (especially if Thor is there)! The two other rooms are Andy's Room and Pixie Hollow.

Disney Magic & Disney Wonder: The Magic & Wonder do not have Star Wars but they both have Andy's Room and MARVEL Super Hero Academy. Much fun still to be had aboard the these smaller ships. They both also have Disney Junior rooms. The Magic has Pixie Hollow and the Wonder has Frozen Adventure

Disney's Oceaneer Lab is also for kids ages 3 to 12 and is also included in the cruise fare. This area is designed for education. Kids can also have lunch or dinner in the lab while their parents are enjoyed a buffet or dinner at Palo or Remy

Educational entertainment does vary by ship. Here are some of the activities your kids can enjoy. Some of the themed play spaces on the ships are:

Animator's Studio: This is found on the Dream, Fantasy, and Magic. In the studio kids can learn to drawn their favorite animated characters and more.

Playmation: This is located on the Dream. Picture your kids battling villains as they step into the world of Marvel's the Avengers.

The Wheelhouse: This is on the Dream and the Fantasy. "Yo ho, you ho, a Pirate's Life for Me! Kids hunt for lost treasure as they step into a Pirates of the Caribbean game exclusive to Disney Cruise Line. On the Magic, this is called Navigation Game Station.

Finally, on the Wonder, kids have MARVEL's Avengers Academy: In this room, they find themselves in the secret command post of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Parents start to wonder by the end of the cruise, who their kids are as they see them for breakfast & dinner and then the kids race back to the kids clubs for another fun day aboard the high seas!

Disney has not yet announced the kids club options for the Disney Wish as of yet.

Check back next week for information on Edge & Vibe!

Reach out for information on your next, or first Disney Cruise Line® cruise.


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