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Essential List to Bring on a Airplane!

Everyone has their favorite Airline Company, right? Well what is a better day then hoping on a airplane- headed to your favorite destination and having a list of carry on essentials to make your travel even better!

Here is my list of 5 Carry On Essentials

1) Back Pack- I use the same back pack that I carry on, as I do in the Disney Parks! It is a Classic Jan Sport Backpack! This allows you to have enough space, it is durable, and it meets carry on allowance rules.

2) Fuzzy Socks or Compression Socks- here is the deal going through security- that can be a little gross if you have no socks! Even if you have shoes that don't require socks, it's a good idea to pack extra because you will be walking barefoot on the floor where thousand's of others have walked! I personally love fuzzy socks because it helps me relax on the airplane! Some people like compression socks because it helps with circulation.

3) Sun Glasses! A good pair of sunglasses goes a long way in the Florida, heat or where your destination may be! I like over sized dark sunglasses! However your favorite will do!

4) Empty Water Bottle- I personally use the brand Yeti, when traveling. This is because it stays cold for several hours, and it stays hot for several hours. However, there are other brands that aren't as expensive! Free water is a option at almost all places. That way you can just fill it up after you go through security.

5) Journal- I always keep a notebook with me where ever I go. This is great if you have reservations after your flight, hotel confirmation number, connecting flight information this allows you to store all that information in a safe spot.

I hope this list helps you on your next airplane journey!

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