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Favorite Quick Service Dining Picks

Magic Kingdom

Dalin's Pick - Columbia Harbor House

Featuring comfort foods that scream New England flair, Magic Kingdom's Columbia Harbor House has been a favorite of mine (and many others) for years. It has a charm that is timeless, and good food that pleases most taste buds. I highly recommend anything fish related from the restaurant, along with their Pot Pies - which seem much better than the typical Burgers and Fries found within the park.

Mary's Pick - Casey's Corner

What better way to enjoy a day at Magic Kingdom than eating a hot dog and fries with a view of Cinderella Castle? My family has a tradition to do this at least once on every visit. It's not gourmet food, but it's consistent and tastes good. If we are lucky, the piano player will be out too.

Chrissie's Pick - Columbia Harbor House

LOVE the lobster roll and both my kids love the fried shrimp! There's enough shrimp for them to share the quick service meal!

Maria's Pick - Casey's Corner

My daughter is a corndog FREAK!


Dalin's Pick - Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

Tucked away inside of EPCOT's World Showcase Paris Pavilion is this little treasure of a dining location. Featuring tons of yummy sandwiches, pastries and really good lobster bisque, I never get tired of this place. The meal can be as simple as a fluffy warm croissant or an extravagant quiche - truly the sky is the limit. Finish it off with a box of macarons, and you feel like you're in French paradise. And for this New Yorker who has a big heart in love with Parisian food, trust me - this is a good one.

Mary's Pick - Sunshine Seasons (pictured)

Located in The Land pavilion (along with Soarin' and Living with the Land), this location wins on two counts: variety and quality. Everyone can get something that appeals to them. My favorite is the grilled salmon, while my daughter favors the sweet and sour chicken. The desserts are great too! I like the strawberry shortcake. There are lots of choices here and plenty of seating as well.

Chrissie's Pick - Sunshine Seasons

Sunshine Seasons is one we love. We can all go and each get something different and not feel like we're stuck all eating the same kinds of food.

Maria's Pick - La Cantina de San Angel

You an never go wrong with Mexican food!!

Hollywood Studios

Dalin's Pick - Backlot Express

Sadly, many of my favorite spots in Hollywood Studios have disappeared due to the re-construction of the park. Let's take a moment to light a candle for Starring Rolls and Writer's Stop. But if we're going to go with what is currently available at Disney's Hollywood Studios, then I'd have to go with the Backlot Express. It has a slightly more unique menu than the other Quick Service locations in the park, and offers more than burgers and fries. It has Darth Vader waffles, which clearly makes it the winner in my book. Might not be the greatest in the park's history, but definitely better than the other picks.

Mary's Pick -Trolley Car Cafe

My recommendation used to be the recently shuttered Starring Rolls. Now, we like to get a coffee at Trolley Car Cafe which is a Starbuck's location. Great breakfast sandwiches and coffee!!

Chrissie's pick - Backlot Express

Kids share a chicken & waffles while hubby and I get salad or a burger! And, of course, I enjoy a cold Angry Orchard!!

Maria's Pick - Rosie's All-American Cafe

Great angus burgers!!

Animal Kingdom

Dalin's Pick - Yak and Yeti

When you see the name Yak and Yeti, typically you think of a full service location within the Disney's Animal Kingdom. But there's actually a Quick Service version, believe it or not - and it is delicious! Though I'm also a big fan of the Harambe Market area, Yak and Yeti gets more points for simply being around longer and always being my traditional go-to. Featuring lots of Pan-Asian dishes (that even to this native New Yorker ain't half bad), you're likely to find something within you and your families palate at this location. Highly recommend the Sweet and Sour options for sure!

Mary's Pick - Harambe Market

This has become my go-to at Animal Kingdom. Unique offerings, plenty of shaded seating and consistent quality all make this a winner. I particularly enjoy the veggie stack (pictured) and the chicken skewer. Everything tastes fresh here, and, while the flavors are a little unique, nothing is too strange. My children like the butter chicken, which isn't spicy but is very flavorful.

Chrissies Picks - Yak & Yeti and Flame Tree

It's a toss up!

Maria's Pick - Harambe Fruit Market

We love the jalapeño cheddar pretzels and the fresh fruit.


Dalin's Pick - Landscapes of Flavor at Disney's Art of Animation

Though there are a lot of unique and cool places to have food within all of Walt Disney World's resorts, I particularly have a thing for Landscapes. I spent a lot of time there during a trip where I was stuck at Disney due to a snowstorm at home (I know - cry me a river, right?) and somehow, Landscapes became a favorite of mine of all time. Why? Well there is literally a kind of food for every kind of eater, and the variations on said food are all up to your imagination. Lots of Made-to-Order stations, along with having the best pasta in any of the resorts, make this a winner in my book.

Mary's Pick - The Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge

In my opinion, Animal Kingdom Lodge has the BEST food of any resort at Disney. I have eaten at each and every location (BOMA, JIKO, Sanaa and The Mara). All offer excellent food, good service and they are unique. The Mara has familiar offerings (flatbreads, Mickey waffles, eggs, burgers, chicken nuggets), they also offer African Stew, a salad with lentils, quinoa breakfast cereal. We have never had a bad meal at The Mara and enjoy taking our food outside to enjoy by the pool.

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