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Five Incredible Shipwrecks In The Caribbean

A huge collection of mysterious old shipwrecks lie under the ocean in the Caribbean. For scuba divers interested in history and exploration, the Caribbean is a huge attraction.

Here are five of the top shipwrecks in the Caribbean. Let's dive in!

In Playa del Carmen in Mexico we have Mama Vina which was once a shrimp boat until it was purposely sunk to create an artificial coral reef for divers to explore. Depending on the time of year you might see bull sharks swimming amongst the brightly colored fish. The vessel is 15 meters deep at the shallow end and 28 meters deep at the other end.

The Astron wreck in Bavaro, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, is a beauty. The boat hit the reef, but to this day, it is unknown what caused the accident. Many legends float around, including stories about a drunk captain and a dishonest boat owner seeking an insurance claim. This shipwreck is great for beginner divers as the bow is out of the water and the stern sits just 12 meters deep.

On the same coast, you can discover the sunken shipwreck of Monica. Also 12 meters deep, the cargo ship has been there since 1924. Since it has been there so long, it is covered in coral, plants and home to a lot of sea life.

In 1992 Zingara in the Dominican Republic was purposely sunk for divers to enjoy. The 30-meter long freighter lies in Sosua Bay 35 meters under the sea. This one is more suitable for experienced divers.

The Atlantic Princess was another shipwreck sunk on purpose in the Dominican Republic for recreational divers. It was a tourist boat and still is, in a way, just now it sits 12 meters under the water and has reached its final destination.

You might see a fierce-looking moray eel swimming around the dark areas of the ships while bright fish swim around the more accessible areas. Or you might find some hidden treasure left behind by some forgetful pirates. Who knows what you might find under the sea in the Caribbean? Drop us a line for more info on our wonderful Caribbean escapes.


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