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Just keep swimming 'cause we're all in this together...

Good morning!

Phew! It's been a whirlwind of a week that feels like it's lasted a month! Do you feel that way too? There have been so many news stories, changing policies and new developments that I feel like I just learn one thing and it changes! Here's what we know for sure right now... yes, theme park destinations like Disneyland®, Walt Disney World®, Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and so many more are closed through the end of March. Cruise lines are suspending sailings for 2-4 weeks. Airlines are changing their flights based on cancellations and travel restrictions. Each destination has waived cancellation or change fees through their closure and some are even offering additional benefits for their guests.

As we have delved 'Into the Unknown' (silly plug for Frozen 2 coming out early on Disney+ tomorrow!! WhoopWhoop!!) I can honestly say that #travelagentlife this past week has been eye-opening, crazy, exhausting and AMAZING. All of the agents that work with Coasters & Castles Travel have been working around the clock to ensure that our clients are receiving the very best service that we can provide. In fact, all of the agents that I know and have heard from have been working harder than ever to take care of clients. We have been on hold for upwards of 6,7 or 8 hours a day. We have sorted through multiple e-mails an hour from destinations making sure we have the most up to date change and cancellation policies to provide the best option to our clients and we are spending a lot of time communicating with clients who are imminently affected. We have also pulled together, shared information and worked together. One thing that I have consistently said myself and heard from other agents is, 'I feel awful for my clients." We REALLY do. The idea of planning with you, getting to know you and helping you to fulfill your ideas of making memories with family and friends has been an absolute joy. We are devastated that your plans have been derailed. No matter how good the reason, we are SO sorry that your trips have to be postponed. We are here to help in any way we can to work with you in rescheduling your vacation because one of the things that I also know is that the theme parks, the cruise lines, the hotels and the beaches... they'll all be here for ALL of us when this calms down. The cast members and employees will be almost as excited to see you (and us!) as you (we!) are to see them. We, your travel agents can't wait to see the pictures you share of your smiling and happy faces when you are able to take the trip we've planned (and then re-planned!) with you!! As a part of Coasters & Castles Travel team we want to say a big THANK YOU to our clients for trusting us and working so well with us and for your patience as we are finding things out and sharing updates with you. Grateful doesn't cover how we feel when we think of how lucky we are to be working with you!! We'd also like to thank our families and our friends for checking in on us, for being patient with us as we are spending hours on end on the computer and the phone and for the late nights of hold music coming out of our speaker phones!!

For the meantime, as things change and evolve we follow the motto of one of our favorite fish... 'Just Keep Swimming' and remember, 'We're all in this together'!! We can't wait to help Build the Magic with you and get all of us back out there traveling, seeing the land and sea, making memories and "Walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street, USA".


Chrissie has been working as a travel agent for 7 1/2 years and loves introducing her kids to amazing and magical new vacation destinations. Her favorite part of her job is helping clients create memories that will last a lifetime for their family and friends! travelbychrissie@gmail.com

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