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Let's talk about building a Lightsaber

There are actually a few places in Walt Disney World that you can build a lightsaber.

The most popular place is Savi's This is where you can construct your own lightsaber the use the magic of Kyber Crystals to bring it to life. However, it is important that builders protect the shops secrecy because we don't want the first order to find it! There are 4 themes, of lightsabers. This includes Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, Protection and Defense. These lightsabers start at $219.99 per lightsaber plus tax. This means that payment must be done upon arrival at the location, one lightsaber per builder per experience, a carrying case is included. This takes about 20 minutes, and is a considered a "experience"

Now it is important to note that reservations are very limited, and can be challenging to get. Now what if your kiddo has their heart set on making a lightsaber? Let's talk about back up plans! Wait, there is other places you can build a lightsaber? Yes!

1) Tatooine Traders (Star Tours gift shop)

Behold a colossal collection, uncover the displays of over flowing action figures, clothing, LEGO kits, and a grand selection of lightsabers to build! This is much more affordable option! You can customize a lightsaber hilt, choose the color you want, and choose your destiny! This has a much more affordable option of prices at $29.99!

2) Once Upon a Toy (Disney Springs)

This experience is nine step process in which kiddos can pick every aspect. From the color of the blade, to sleeve rings, to hilt sleeves, and ignition switches. Each light saber glows and kids can select colored crystals and filters to cast the legendary glow of the light saber. From start to finish this a great alternative to Savi's Workshop! Prices at $29.99

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