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Magical Memories Monday

We always say: Take the Trip, Make those Memories. You never know when you will need those to lift your spirits. This was already true for me, in a way. With one child ready to graduate high school, I had already been reliving so many moments in her 18 years. And, now, the world has become an even scarier place. With so much uncertainty and our trips cancelled, I am even more glad we made magical memories when we could.

Here are some of mine:

Our very first trip to Walt Disney World in 2005. Emma, age 3 desperately wanted this Cinderella dress. Well, it was expensive and I really didn't want to spend the money on it. I finally realized that, if this was the only thing she wanted, I should just go ahead and buy it for her. We surprised her with it just before our Princess dinner at Akershus. She was in HEAVEN! If you have the power to make a child's face light up, do it. Just do it.

In 2016, we decided to do something extra special on our Walt Disney World trip: Wild Africa Trek! We loved this special tour in Animal Kingdom. Not only did we go behind the scenes and learn all about the animals, we also enjoyed a meal in the Boma located on the savannah that you see when you ride Kilimanjaro Safari. I will never forget that amazing morning!


In 2018, we left behind the familiar Walt Disney World trip to venture out to California and Disneyland - the original park that Walt built! It was such a special trip! As our girls have gotten older, I have found that doing something new is really important to keeping them interested and engaged. It's also an incredible life and learning experience.

Disneyland got them excited about Disney all over again. Truly magical!


Here we are in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England on our amazing Adventures by Disney trip. This was our girls first time in Europe and we were on the London and Paris itinerary. What an adventure it was!

London pub lunch

These are just a few of the magical memories our family has made. I plan to make many more as soon as we are able. I hope you are inspired to seize the day as well!


Mary Graham is a Vacation Planner with Coasters & Castles Travel. She specializes in Disney destinations, Universal Resorts, Cruises and much more! Reach her at mary@tripsbymary.com.

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