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More Spectacular Black Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

You can find a collection of cool and moody-looking black sand beaches in the Caribbean.

Black sand forms from eroded volcanic substances like lava, basalt rocks and minerals. Usually, black sand appears on beaches near volcanic activity.

Here are some more beautiful black sand beaches to explore during your Caribbean vacation.

You might have seen the exotic Number One Beach in Dominica on the big screen. Many of the scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean were shot on these black sandy shores. You won't see Johnny Depp, but you might see turtles laying their eggs ashore if you visit doing nesting season from April to June.

Black Point Beach is an eye-catching stretch of sand in St Vincent and the Grenadines. There is a historic park nearby with a fascinating 360-foot tunnel used many centuries ago to transport sugar. This scenic beach was also featured in the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Anse Chastanet Beach in St Lucia is one of the busier black sand beaches in the Caribbean because it is wonderful for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. It has the luxurious all-inclusive Anse Chastanet Resort sitting on the shore.

As we mentioned, black sand is often a sign of volcanic activity and this is the case for Saint Pierre in Martinique. In 1902 Mont Pelee erupted and destroyed the city of Saint-Pierre, which was once known as the "Little Paris of the Caribbean." The volcano is still active, but there hasn't been an eruption since the early 1930s.

Are you inspired by these mysterious black sand beaches? Drop us a line soon and let's start planning your Caribbean getaway today!

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