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Special Tips for Beating the Lines at Universal Orlando Resort

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Universal Orlando is the thrill riders dream. From Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket to the Hulk, to Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure thrills abound at Universal Orlando Resort. There are so many fun rides for those looking for the thrills.

With capacities increasing at the theme parks it is more important than ever to have to some tips to beat those lines. Check out our tips below:

  1. Stay at a Universal Orlando Resort. Guests staying that the resort get into the parks an hour earlier than park opening. Some days only one of the parks has the option so it is important to plan which days you want to enter each park.

  2. Make sure you get to the parks earlier than park opening. When we went to the parks, the regular opening was at 9 AM. We arrived to the park around 7:15. We were in line when they opened the gates. They will let everyone through the gates but only those with the hotel keys can get into the park.

Another big hint is the use of the Unlimited Express Pass. This pass allows you to ride most of the rides over and over using a special line that bypasses much of the wait times. There are two kinds of express pass. The Unlimited, which allows you to use that line as many times as you like during that day and the regular express pass. The regular express pass lets you use the express lane once per attraction per day. Express passes are purchased by the day and they are date based.

Here is the biggest tip of all! If you stay in one of the Premier resorts and you get Unlimited Express Pass for FREE!

Premier Resorts:

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel

Loews Royal Pacific Resort

Here is an example of the savings you could see. Keep in mind that savings will vary based on the family size/ ages, dates of the stay, and the hotels.

I am comparing Hard Rock Hotel with a stay at Endless Summer Surfside Inn. I have a family of 4 with kids ages 6 & 8. The dates I am comparing are: 9/12/21-9/15/21. Endless Summer is the value resort. Adding 3 days of Unlimited Express pass which is what you have with the Hard Rock Hotel, you would save: $643.32 AND you would have a nicer hotel experience.

When you stay in a Premier resort, you get Unlimited Express Pass for ALL days of your stay. If you were staying 9/12/21-9/15/21 and had 4 day tickets then you save even more because you would have the Unlimited Express pass for 4 days!

Not all of the rides have the Express Pass line. For instance the new coaster: The Jurassic World VelociCoaster does not have this line at this time. It will probably be added at some point. Here is where the last tip comes in. Stay on property like I advised earlier, enter the park early for on property early hour, and then go directly to the coaster. I cannot guarantee a walk on but you will wait much less time than you would later in the day! I will say the ride is absolutely worth it!


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