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Springtime in Walt Disney World

I am so excited to bring back one of my favorite blogger friends Kara Brown. She is the mom of twins and loves Disney. She just returned from a Spring trip and had to share stories and pictures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

If you ask me what the best time of year to visit Walt Disney World is, I’m not sure I can

answer that. Each season brings something special to the parks and resorts, making it a different experience each time. Our most recent visit to Walt Disney World was last week (mid-April), so right in the peak of Springtime. There are so many advantages to visiting this time of year. From the mild weather to the blooming flowers, Spring at WDW just has a “fresh” feeling to me.

Though some weeks can be a little more crowded because of school Spring Breaks/April Vacations across the country, the limited capacity that is still in place because of Covid truly helped this year. The parks were fully booked during our visit, but we still enjoyed reasonable wait times and dining availability. Other than our virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance, our longest wait was about 40 minutes (note: due to motion sickness, we do not ride many of the bigger roller coasters, so I’m unsure what those wait times were).

Aside from the bright blooming landscape designs, Spring doesn’t bring many special decorations/events to the theme parks… except Epcot. Each Spring, Epcot hosts the International Flower & Garden Festival. Because of some changes and restrictions from Covid this year, they are calling it the “Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival” since some normal events can’t take place. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Epcot- 2 full days this trip- looking at the topiaries and garden displays, as well as snacking our way around the “world.” The food booths were so much fun, trying different snacks from various countries and regions around the world. There were many familiar foods, as well as some flavors and combinations that were new to us. An added perk for my kids was getting more sweet treats than they’re usually able to have. If food isn’t your thing (I’m not sure we can be friends….), the garden displays and character topiaries are still worth going to see! My girls loved seeing the different characters, the brightly colored flowers, and the miniature fairy garden display! They also had some displays of gardening tips, some outdoor lounge areas, and a walk-through butterfly garden. Though many of my special Epcot memories are during Christmas season (I can write a whole series on that!), I truly love visiting during the Flower & Garden Festival

If I haven’t yet convinced you that a Springtime visit to Walt Disney World is well worth it, let me tell you about our rest days. I always encourage my clients to take at least one day during their trip and skip the parks. I recommend relaxing at the resort pool, visiting Disney Springs, or checking out other resorts’ restaurants. You may be thinking, “ok, you just said it wasn’t very hot and got down into the 60’s, I’m not getting in a pool!” but Disney’s pools are heated year-round! Though I love being in the parks and enjoy the hustle and bustle, I also love exploring the resort and finding other things to do. I’ve taken 2 Walt Disney World vacations in the last 5 years that I didn’t even go into the parks and still had an amazing trip! Our resort, Pop Century, has a small kiddie pool, which was perfect for my toddlers. There were only a couple other kids there, which made it even better. This area is fully fenced, separate from the main pool, so I didn’t have to worry about one of the girls getting away from me or getting into the main (deep) pool. Because of the mild weather, it was comfortable to be sitting around the pool while they played without getting overly heated or sunburned (the kiddie area was rather shaded). Thanks to friends of ours that were also visiting at the same time, we were able to venture over to Animal Kingdom Lodge to see the animals there and play a while. My family doesn’t understand my obsession, and maybe its just the travel agent in me, but I love seeing the resorts! I love the themes, the décor, the music, the smells, just experiencing the different things about each resort. Yes, you can do that any time of year, but there’s just something about Spring and all the fresh flowers that make it feel so welcoming!

Summer, Fall, and Winter all have their own special advantages, but the freshness of Spring is one of my favorites! If you missed out on a Spring visit this year, don’t worry! Packages for Spring 2022 are already available, and your Coasters & Castles Travel vacation specialist can’t wait to start building the magic for you!

I love Kara and if you want to touch base and see if she can plan a vacation for you email at: kbrown@travelcnc.com.

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