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The New Beaches & Cream

Last week our family took a 7 night Disney Cruise out of Port Canaveral. After our cruise, our flight back to Texas wasn’t until 7pm so we decided to shuttle from the Port to the Beach Club to have lunch at the newly remodeled, Beaches & Cream Soda Shop.

We had made advanced dining reservations for 11am (when the restaurant opens) and were seated right on time. We were the first family to be seated that morning and they announced us as the “Family of the Day”, while the entire staff clapped as we made it to our table! We were greeted with a smile by our server and gave our order. I ordered my favorite meal... the grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was delicious as always!  

Our two kids each had a kids meal and as one of their two sides they could have an ice cream sundae. After getting off our cruise, aka “unlimited ice cream all day cruise”, ice cream sounded perfect.  They have a variety of flavors for the sundae but my kids picked mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream. They were greeted by an extra special Mickey Mouse ice cream sundae for dessert.

Our server told us that the staff is really enjoying more seating in the restaurant. They used to have close to 13 tables prior to the renovation, now they have about 27 tables depending on how many tables are put together. There is also more barstools at the bar. He also mentioned that in order to make Beaches & Cream larger they had to take a little space away from the gym and the arcade. One other addition is To Go window. Now you can walk up to the window and order an ice cream treat to go without entering the restaurant. This is perfect for guests at the pool that want a quick treat. 

We always pay out of pocket for this meal even when we are on the dining plan. The prices went up slightly with the renovation but it’s still not worth a Table Service Credit (in my opinion). If you haven’t been to Beaches & Cream, do yourself a favor and add it to your bucket list. The Kitchen Sink is one of the most popular menu items and when it’s ordered the sirens go off and the staff announces the purchase as it’s delivered to the table. The Kitchen Sink is 8 scoops of ice cream with all the toppings in the house and a whole can of whip cream! It’s a fun way to celebrate any occasion.


Lisa Wainwright is a Senior Agent with Coasters & Castles Travel. She’s been to Disney World over 20 times and travels there about three times a year. 

Favorite Ride -Haunted Mansion

Favorite Resort - Beach Club or Boardwalk (it’s fantastic walking to Epcot)  

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