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They're Back!!!

Many a year, I remember standing on Main Street or around the hub at Magic Kingdom to watch the nightly fireworks. The plumes of colors, interesting designs in the sky, and the sounds of the fireworks have always had given me a very special joy.

Even as a child, I loved fireworks. We would go to the Esplanade in Boston via my Dad's boat on July 4th to experience the concert and fireworks. Boston fireworks have always been amazing and I always loved when so many fireworks would cause the night to look like day as they were so bright.

In December of 1999, I made a decision to go to Walt Disney World for the week after Christmas. It had been a dream from the time I was 6 years old and saw Walt Disney World on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve. I wanted to do this so badly that I drive to FL by myself and went to the parks by myself.

I had a friend that was down there for New Years and another that lived in FL and we met together in Magic Kingdom and spent the day and night together in the park. What I saw that night was like nothing I had ever seen before. During the finale, there were fireworks all around the park. It was so bright, it was like God had put a huge LED flashlight over us. It was as bright as day.

During that trip, I had my first experience with Illuminations. I absolutely loved the show. IN Magic Kingdom, I would cry every time the "wishing star" fireworks would cross Cinderalla Castle during Wishes. Hearing Jiminy Cricket talk about wishing on a star was so special to me. I literally made a wish on each one of those "wishing stars".

Since Walt Disney World has reopened after its Covid closure, fireworks has been a huge missing part of the experience for me. The fireworks shows had changed from Illuminations to Epcot Forever and Wishes to Happily Ever After pre Covid.

Now, fireworks will be lighting up the sky at Magic Kingdom and Epcot starting July 1st, 2021. I am so excited for their return. Slowly, my favorite "magic" at Walt Disney World is returning. I fully see myself crying as I watch those plumes of color explode over Cinderella Castle and the lagoon at Epcot. Will you cry at this return of this special experience?


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