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Xel - Ha … Another Way To Spell Fun

Updated: May 30, 2022

Where can you go and relax, play and eat? Xel-Ha is the place to play and grab a great meal.

From the Scenic Lighthouse water slide to the Cliff of Courage or a River Tour in an inner tube every minute is as much as the last.

The park offers snorkeling, zip lines over the water, wandering through water caves and bike rides along jungle trails. (Yes I did try this and no I did not fall off).

There are icy cenotes to cool your body and a floating bridge to dare and walk across as it moves along with the ocean waves.

When you are ready sit down and relax as you enjoy a scrumptious buffet included with your admission!

After attempting to do as much as possible and being full from a great meal it was time to return to our resort and get some needed sleep.

By Cheryl Copeland-Lewis


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