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Why C & C is the Place to Be!

Be One of the Family, Not One of Thousands!

  • Be a part of a family culture surrounded by support, encouragement, and motivation.

  • Work with a group that will celebrate your successes and collaborate with you to resolve issues and challenges - we don’t compete against each other, we help each other!

  • Join an agency that supports your goals and ambitions.

  • The owners will know who you are.

Coasters & Castles Travel annual advisor meeting
Coasters & Castles Travel advisors in Walt Disney World
Coasters & Castles Travel Advisors

Let's Start at the Very Beginning....

Kayaking in Southern Alaska
Meeting dolphins in Discovery Cove

It's a very good place to start,  Oops, where was I?


In a land, far, far, away, wait no, once upon a time, no still not right, UGH.  How to say this, OK, let's tell you about us.

I am April (in the front of the kayak) and I am Lynne (in the rear of the kayak), and we are the owners and founders of Coasters & Castles Travel.

I (April) am a Mom of 2 great, theme park loving kids.  I have been Disney obsessed for as long as I can remember so I was bound and determined to find a way to turn that into a career. Thankfully I figured it out, and now I am truly blessed to be doing something I love as work and to be surrounded by so many amazing people. 

I (Lynne) am a wife and a Mom to a couple of kitties. After learning about an opportunity to plan Disney trips for a living, I thought, "That is my dream job".  The rest is history.

When we first started as travel advisors, we were with an agency with several hundred agents.  We did not have a lot of contact with the agency owner.  When we decided to open our own agency, we wanted a different business model.

We wanted an organization that was supportive, mentoring, and one in which special relationships would be built with each other. You will always have access to the owners - text, call, email, or message us, we are here to help you!

When creating the agency, we put a strong consideration to the needs and wants of both advisors and the agency.

We are an award winning agency:

     Gold Earmarked with Disney Destinations

     Silver U-Preferred with Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations

     President's Award with Travel Leaders Network

     Preferred Sandals Agency

     Marriott Preferred Travel Agency

Opatija, Croatia
We are a Preferred Travel Agency with Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations.

"Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group,

a tribute to our combined effort."
-Walt Disney 

Coasters & Castles Travel is an Earmarked Travel Agency
Coasters & Castles Travel won the Travel Leaders Network President's Award in 2019
Coasters & Castles Travel won the Travel Leaders Network President's Award in 2019
If you are thinking of becoming a travel agent or
looking for a new team to build your current travel business, you are in the right place. 
Coasters & Castles Travel annual advisor meeting

Are you the advisor of our dreams?

*  Adventurous not a couch potato

*  Self-starter and highly motivated individual who can work independently

*  A traveler who wants to help other people make amazing travel memories and would love to have a travel business

*  You are strong in the following areas:

          Computer & Social Media Savvy

          Written and verbal communication 


          People skills

          Customer service


*  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion- Yup, we’ve got that!

*  Partner teams are welcome (spousal, friends, you name it)

Coasters & Castles Travel training at Annual Meeting
Coasters & Castles Travel training at Annual Meeting
Do you want to be trained for the job so you know what you're doing?
Coasters & Castles Travel training at Regional Advisor Meeting

*  Start with remote, comprehensive travel advisor training prior to beginning work – no jumping into the fire

*  New advisors are partnered with an experienced mentor for one-on-one assistance with business building and marketing ideas to help you form and work towards your goals as well as problem solving for on-going support beyond the initial training

*  Have an opportunity to be a future mentor for new advisors with potential for yearly bonuses. Mentors are compensated by the agency, and not from mentee commission. As the mentee succeeds, you earn more but not at the sacrifice of the mentee. We aren't an MLM!

*  On-going professional development opportunities throughout the year

* Opportunity to earn bonuses for select industry certifications

* Learn about new places around the world to expand your own horizons

*  No professional experience required

Do you want the freedom to work where & when you want?

*  Build your own business from the comfort of your home or wherever you want to work

*  Have the freedom to set your own hours – find your perfect work-life balance and never miss your child’s baseball game or school play again

*  Works great as a full time or part time opportunity

*  Have potential for supplier familiarization trips throughout the year

*  Have opportunities to attend industry-leading conferences and travel events

*  Have fun and love your job while you are building the foundation of your last career

Coasters & Castles Travel Advisors having fun in Walt Disney World

Concerned about selling destinations you don't know?

  • It's your decision which destinations and suppliers you want to offer to clients

  • We have strong relationships with 100’s of suppliers around the world so take your pick.

Rio Secreto underground river and caves in Mexico
Coasters & Castles Travel Annual Meeting in Universal Orlando Resort
Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort
Coasters & Castles Travel visiting Blizzard Beach Water Park in Orlando, Florida
Coasters & Castles Travel Annual Meeting on the Disney Dream

Recognition? Yeah, we have it!

Coasters & Castles Travel award winning Travel Advisors
Coasters & Castles Travel award-winning Travel Advisor
Coasters & Castles Travel Disney Destinations sales award

We value and appreciate our advisors through recognition and reward opportunities throughout the year and yearly awards based on individual performance

Coasters & Castles Travel Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations sales award
Coasters & Castles Travel award-winning Travel Advisor
Coasters & Castles Travel award-winning travel advisors
Coasters & Castles Travel Helping Hand Award

Are there tools to help you be successful? Oh yeah!

Coasters & Castles Travel annual meeting for travel advisors
Coasters & Castles Travel at Travel Leaders Network Edge Conference
Coasters & Castles Travel at Travel Leaders Network Edge Conference

What we provide:

  •      Your own personal landing page on our website

  •      Personal company email address

  •      Booking Incentives

  •      24/7 access to private agency resource pages

  •      Unlimited Support - We are here to help you!

  •      We'll set up your business page on Facebook

  •      Qualified advisors may receive a CLIA card to assist with           travel.

  •      CRM (Customers Relationship Management system) to               keep track of clients and bookings     

  •      Monthly company Zoom meetings

  •      Professional Development Opportunities

  •      Supplier webinars

  •      Annual in-destination meetings

  •      Meetup opportunities during the year

  •      Access to marketing programs to give you a helping hand

Access to our consortia, Travel Leaders Network, resources:

  •      Agent Profiler and Profiler+: to help you acquire new clients

  •      Comprehensive training opportunities

  •      Marketing options including:

    •      Email

    •      Direct Mail

    •      Social Media

  •      Booking enhancements for your client bookings

Does it cost anything to join?

Yes, we need to keep the government happy and are required to charge fees to stay in compliance.


          Initial training program fee

          Annual user license fee with yearly contract

          Annual meeting fee (meeting is not required)


Coasters & Castles Travel award-winning Travel Advisors

Get to know our agency and
our agents with this video from
our 2022 annual meeting.

Of Course, you want to get paid....

* Competitive commission tiers with a split up to 95%

* Experienced advisors don't have to start at the bottom, we give credit for sales with your prior agency (documentation required)

* Flexibility to charge professional service fees, that you set 

* Unlimited earning potential based on your own efforts and sales so the sky is the limit

* Bi-weekly commission payments, paid after the client has traveled and the supplier has remitted payment.

* No Sales Quotas!

Set your own income with a travel advisor position at Coasters & Castles Travel!

Have you heard of "Multi-Level Marketing?"
- Not here, we aren't an MLM!

Coasters & Castles Travel Advisors having fun in Walt Disney World

No requirement of recruiting other individuals to form a downline - there are no pyramids here!

The only team here is the whole team!

Words from some our Advisors....

Read about what our travel advisors have to say about Coasters & Castles Travel.

Kara B.

"I spent 4 years working as a travel advisor before joining Coasters & Castles Travel, and I wish I’d found them sooner. Lynne, April, and the team have been such a good fit for me- they’re encouraging in both business and life, offer and point us to every opportunity possible to help grow our businesses, promote a family environment, and more! I have loved getting to know them and the other vacation specialists since coming on board with them in 2018. I have grown in my business and have had lots of memorable experiences that I likely wouldn’t have had if not for them. Whether you’re an experienced travel advisor or just starting out, Coasters & Castles Travel has a lot to offer and is definitely worth your consideration."

"I joined Coasters & Castles Travel just over 4 years ago. I was looking to become a travel agent specializing in Walt Disney World vacations and a friend re-connected me with her friend who I hadn't seen since college. This is the first and only agency I've ever worked with but I've learned that all agencies are not created equal.

I've gained some lifelong friends, all with a similar love for Disney, movies and travel. We've met each other's families and they've truly changed my life. The owners welcome everyone and treat us like one big happy family. 


They've put together a great training program. Showing us hands on what it takes to be an agent and letting us take the lead on what suppliers we'd like to sell. Agents are also paired with a mentor after training is completed to be a point person to bounce ideas off of and ask any questions. It's great as a new agent to have a person to lean on as you learn your way. They've also built up an extensive online library of resources we can use on suppliers, our system and supplier webinars. We also work well together as a team, sharing knowledge and answering questions to help out each other's clients. And if anyone is in need of help there is always someone willing to lend a hand. 


I love that there are no strict requirements on what you sell and how much. You make your own goals and run your business as fits your life. I have another full time job and two young boys so this style works well for me. There's no pressure to sell, we just sell what we love and are passionate about. My business has continued to grow each year and I think it has everything to do with how the agency is run and this team!"

Read about what our travel advisors have to say about Coasters & Castles Travel.

Melissa L.

Read about what our travel advisors have to say about Coasters & Castles Travel.

Sydney B.

"Being a part of Coasters and Castles has changed my life.  Finding my passion through helping others is my ideal job. I love getting an inquiry and people are so excited to go to Disney.  I'm honored every trip I book that people trust me to plant their trip. Disney is a huge part of my life and I get to share it with others. Seeing the joy on their face when they see the castle is amazing. The true happiness. That's what I love. Seeing peoples true happiness.


I love Coasters and Castles travel because it feels like family. You welcomed me into this company and trained me to be the agent I am today. Selling is only part of it. The true part is the connections you make with people. This has changed my life.

I love what I do and I wouldn't trade it for the world." 

"Working alongside Lynne and April has been such a positive experience. They offer the best support, guidance, and outreach of anyone I have ever worked with. They never make me feel like a nuisance or inconvenience. They have provided the best platform for me to be successful. They have endless resources. Not only do they provide resources, training, and support they are two of the kindest people you will ever meet. I am honored to work with them!"

Read about what our travel advisors have to say about Coasters & Castles Travel.

Casey G.

Phew! You Made It!!!
What are you waiting for, Apply Now!

Coasters & Castles Travel Advisors having fun in Walt Disney World

The agency was started on the premise that life is short, take the chance.  We did and jumped in with both feet, not looking back. It was the best decision of our lives.

Knowing how precious time is, we live for every moment and are living our dream.


Get started now making your dreams a reality. Take a chance that can begin a career making your dreams come true for you and your family. You won't regret it!

Become a travel agent

Important note, we do background checks initially as well as annually. 
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