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Travel Insurance

We recommend travel insurance for every trip and vacation. 

Travel Insured Travel Insurance

We’re a leading travel insurance provider offering domestic and international trip protection products and services.

For over 25 years, we at Travel Insured have served our valued partners and customers with high quality coverage helping each traveler remain protected and confident.

Travel Insurance benefits can include:

  •  Trip cancellation and interruption insurance coverages that can reimburse for losses caused by weather, natural disaster, strike, illness, traffic accident, and job reasons. 

  • Insurance coverages that can reimburse for losses caused by accident, sickness, evacuation, and pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Coverages that can reimburse for losses caused by baggage delay, loss, and theft. 

Travel Insurance is included as part of a Travel Protection Plan which contains both insurance benefits and non-insurance assistance services.

Travel Insured Travel Insurance
Travel Insured Travel Insurance
Why buy travel protection?

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