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Kimberly Allar

Specializing in Disney Destinations, Theme Park Vacations, River Cruises, Special Needs & Accessible Travel 

Kimberly Allar is a travel agent with Coasters & Castles Travel.


I didn’t always plan to be a travel advisor. I worked to get my Master’s in Psychology, served as an elected official, raised funds for charities, and worked for years helping others. But then again, I have always loved travelling… and I decided it was time to put my skills to use and help others in a different way!

Many of the best experiences and memories in my life were during vacations – exploring new destinations, experiencing never-before-seen wonders, surrounded by loved ones. My travels have taken me through the beautiful Alps, the awe-inspiring California coastline, the kitsch of Niagara Falls, lounging on a beach with ocean waves, and the romance of a Jamaican resort. But my most favorite travels have been living in the magic of imagination and pixie dust at Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios, and Disneyland Paris. Each trip has been unique, all with their most treasured moments.

Let me help you see the world through travel to places that amaze you and create memories you’ll relive again and again.

As a meticulous planner, I pour my heart into crafting perfect vacations for my clients. Whether it's meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney, wandering through the magical world of Harry Potter, or embarking on thrilling adventures in Jurassic Park at Universal Studios, I want to help you make your own unforgettable memories. Maybe you prefer a relaxing view of pristine beaches and palm trees, or the excitement of entertainment options surrounding you aboard a cruise ship.

I also have a family of five, including a daughter with disabilities, so I know many of the ins and outs of planning vacation experiences that can accommodate any needs. The moment my kids were actually able to hug Mickey and Minnie the first time they lit up the room with their smiles. Yet my daughter lights up the room every time she hugs one of her favorite characters. I’ve even converted my two teenaged sons to love the magic of Disney and Universal, whether they are on safari in the Animal Kingdom, or avoiding Stormtroopers, velociraptors, and evil wizards. I can help you plan the experiences that will delight your family the first time, or every time, and still deliver WOW moments and memories, no matter your family’s needs.

Adventure or relaxation. Scheduled or free-spirited. Family-friendly or just for couples. Your choice. With a wealth of firsthand knowledge and expertise, I’m dedicated to ensuring every moment is extraordinary, and tailored to each client's unique preferences and desires.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Let's make it happen together. Whether you're wanting the magic of Disney, the excitement of Universal, or the allure of far-off destinations, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Hogwart's Express in Islands of Adventure
Niagara Falls Canada
Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World
Disney's Animal Kingdom
Sandals Resort
family beach vacation
 Graduate of the Coasters & Castles Travel Advisor Academy


Advisor Specializing in Disney Destinations
Disney Cruise Line Specialist
Aulani Resort Specialist
Disneyland Specialist
Adventures by Disney Specialist
National Geographic Expeditions Specialist
Walt Disney World Specialist
American Cruise Lines Specialist
Viking River Cruise Specialist
Viking Ocean Cruise Specialist
Viking Expedition Cruise Specialist
Viking Cruises Specialist
Universal Studios Hollywood Specialist
Universal Orlando Resort Specialist
SeaWorld Parks Specialist
Globus Brands Specialist
AmaWaterways River Cruise Specialist
AmaWaterways River Cruise Specialist
AmaWaterways River Cruise Specialist
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