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Hi! My name is Melissa and I am a Gold travel advisor with Coasters & Castles Travel and blog editor for Main Street to the World

I feel as if my entire life I’ve loved Disney. I grew up going to Walt Disney World with my family. We stayed at Fort Wilderness with my grandparents. The following trips we stayed at the All Star Resorts and Port Orleans French Quarter. Those early trips along with movies and TV shows planted the love for Disney I still carry with me.

In high school our marching band traveled to Disney World and paraded down Main Street. As a member of the dance team that was a dream come true and I vowed to do it again! While I was attending Penn State I found out Disney was coming for auditions. I still remember the day I found out I was accepted into the College Program in the Entertainment Department (characters!) and was among a select few to be chosen to be an Elfin in the Tapestry of Dreams Parade. To work for Disney and see how they operate behind the scenes was fascinating. I get asked all the time, ‘Didn’t that ruin the magic for you?’ No, it did not, I only appreciated it more!

It then convinced my future husband that we should honeymoon there because he had never been. Well I got him hooked too! He couldn’t believe the level of detail and quality of the services you receive. We even went back for our 1-year anniversary. Now we have two boys who I've passed that 'obsession' onto. We took our boys on their first trip when they were 3 1/2 and 15 months. At first, we thought our youngest would be too young to enjoy it but boy were we wrong! To see him interact and respond to the characters is a wonderful memory we have along with the photos of him trying to put Mickey and Minnie’s noses in his mouth! I’ve also visited Universal Orlando many times in the past but I’ve been spending more and more time there the last few years and have really grown to love it. As a big Harry Potter fan Wizarding World is the best theme park land I’ve ever been to! I love all the ways it’s unique from Walt Disney World making it a great addition to an Orlando vacation or even a destination on it’s own!

I’m a very detailed and organized person so planning vacations caters to my strengths. My husband used to send around his office the spreadsheet I made for our trips, so I thought why not turn this into a career! I started planning Disney and Universal vacations in 2018. My specialty is my detailed itineraries. For the clients that choose my Elite Package I will build them personalized daily itineraries for each day of their trip. I'll recommend when they should leave each morning, what method of transportation is best to arrive to where they are going, suggest show times, what food and drinks I recommend they try and more. 

Just because my first love is Walt Disney World and Universal that is not all I can do. Over the last year I've been expanding my business to booking not only Disney Cruise Line but Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines.  I also book Disneyland, Sea World parks including Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove and all-inclusive resorts, with a focus on family resorts like Nickelodeon Resorts.

I have so many wonderful memories of travelin. I love helping others create their own magical moments to treasure for a lifetime. There is no need to feel overwhelmed or stressed out about the planning process. As a vacation specialist I can answer all your questions, give you tips and tricks, book dining, and help you maximize your time. Plus, I’m apart of an amazing team of other agents who also share the same passion for all things travel (but mostly Disney and Universal!) We work together to help each other and our clients. 

It’s no secret, traveling is not cheap, but it is SO very worth the money. The memories, spending quality time with your family and friends and new experiences are just a few things that make it worthwhile.  Then add in the peace of mind of using a travel advisor, the answer is simple! Let’s make those dreams come true for everyone in your family!

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