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Value Resorts

Value, budget, cheap. I have heard all of these words used to describe the Value Resorts, like the All-Star resorts, but are they really that bad?

Is staying at a Value Resort, really that negative? Sure everyone would love to stay at the Grand Floridian or the Contemporary but is the bad rap that the Value Resorts receive really justified?

On my first trip to Walt Disney World I stayed at the All-Star Sports. Upon arriving, I found everything I was expecting. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff. Plenty of Mickey heads. A gift shop, arcade, pool. And a café with plenty of enticing menu options for anytime of the day. All of the amenities you would expect when vacationing at the most magical place on earth. After we checked into our rooms, our bags were already waiting for us, we set off to find the shuttles to Disney Springs. One shuttle line for Magic Kingdom, one for Epcot, and so on. It was organized. It was free, I like free.

The shuttles are available right in front of the resort to take you anywhere you want to go. After a long day of travel and dinner and shopping at Disney Springs, we settled in for the night. Throughout our whole vacation, my wife managed our time. All of the meals were scheduled, with most being early in the morning. We were awake, and ready before the roosters crowed and the parks opened. We stayed out late to watch the fireworks at Epcot and the Kiss Goodnight at Magic Kingdom. We stayed out late to make sure we didn’t miss Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios. Another day, another late date with our bed.

Come to think of it, we really didn’t spend much time at the resort at all. Aside from the last night we were there, when we test drove the ping-pong tables and dipped our toes in the pool. The only time we spent at the resort, was to…well, sleep.

Is staying at a Value Resort such a bad thing? I really don’t think so. We had all of the comforts you would expect and managed to spend a third or even half as much on the room compared to a Luxury Resort. Value is good, cheap is good! Value on the room, means you don’t have to worry about buying that extra churro, or Mickey Ice Cream. You can spend that extra money on souvenirs and your own Mickey ears with your name embroidered on top. When you're too busy enjoying your time at the parks, aren’t all comfortable beds at the end of a long day the same?

So, don't be afraid to try a Value Resort. You might find it fills your every need, including staying on budget!

Sean Merritt is a vacation specialist with Coasters and Castles Travel and works with his wife Maria. He grew up going to Disneyland every summer but went to Disney World for the first time in 2015 and since then can’t get enough of it. His favorite thing to do at either location is go to Fantasmic. He would love to help you with all your vacations needs…contact him at mmarquez-merritt@coastersandcastlestravel.com

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