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The BEST Times to Visit Walt Disney World

As Vacation Specialists, we hear the question all the time: "When is the BEST time to visit Walt Disney World?" Of course, "best" means different things to different people. For some visitors, the best time is when the weather is cooler. For others, no trip would be complete without a day at the pool or a trip to Disney Water Parks, so it needs to be warm enough for that. Here is what some of our Vacation Specialists said:

Lynne Macolini

I love October. The Halloween party is a blast. The weather is generally a little cooler than summer and it gives me the nice break in the fall. Food & Wine Festival is also a great experience that is running in October.

Whitney Mattox

Personally, I love the early Spring. Being from upstate NY, by the time March rolls around, I am ready to get out of here! The crowds on certain weeks are not terrible and the weather is a breath of fresh (warm!) air! Most days are warm enough to swim, and it makes park touring so comfortable. Plus, I love Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival!

Robin Wright

I love October! The weather isn’t to hot, the crowds are lower. The Fall/Halloween decorations are beautiful! I love The Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!! You can dress up for the party and the Boo to You parade and Hallowishes fireworks are the best!!

Stacey Smith

I love October for the Halloween Party also but also like early November to see the Christmas decorations.

Chrissie Lograno-Weinstein

I love the fall ‘extras’ that vacationing in Disney Parks offers and make sure to visit every year just for them! Honestly, in my opinion, a few days full of the Food and Wine festival and the nighttime parties can’t be beat!

That being said though, my favorite time to be in WDW is January and February. Living in Florida the heat is a constant battle so whenever I can be somewhere I love and not feel like I’m channeling my inner Olaf during summertime I go for it! I love being able to walk around the parks in cooler weather (yes, we can even get frost in the mornings in WDW!) and the additional benefit of January and February, sans holiday or race weekends, having less crowds than most other times of year makes those 2 months my favorite times to be in WDW!

Tammie Dial

I like fall because I love the Halloween party!! I also enjoy the the Christmas party!! Other than special events I personally like going in February. The times I have been in February has not been too crowded and I like the cooler weather. But for me anytime at Disney is good

Mary Graham

I love Spring! Flower & Garden Festival has become a new favorite for me. EPCOT never looks better and the addition of food kiosks in recent years makes it even better. (Try the Frushi in Japan!!) I love seeing the topiaries of favorite characters (like Cogsworth & Lumiere!!)

My other favorite time is around Christmas. Between the decorations, Holidays Around the World in EPCOT, Candlelight Processional and more, it really makes the holidays very special. Plus, it's usually cooler and less rainy than other times of year.

Tammy Carathers

I have been in October several times. The first time was probably the 2nd week of October. It was a FANTASTIC time!! The 2nd trip in October was a few days later than the first trip. It was a LOT different from the first! Not only did some cousins try to ruin the trip (long story), there was a PGA golf tournament going on. EXTREMELY crowded! Third trip was 2nd week of December. BEAUTIFUL!! Low crowds, beautiful decorations , fun holiday festivities. February was awesome as well. Cool temps in the evenings, comfortable during the day. Very low crowds! We've been twice in May. Once during the 2nd week. Crowds were moderate but temperatures were noticeably on the rise. We got to experience the Flower & Garden event. That was very neat. The next time we went, we did the cruise first then ended with a week in the parks. We were at WDW during the last week of May. Crowds were definitely heavy and I had sweat in places I ought not! In 78 days, we're trying January. Irma decided we shouldn't go this past September, so we rescheduled for the second week of January. Summer is way too hot for me!

Erin Frank

I love September because there a very low crowds, MNSSHP and it typically cools off a little.

Heidi Lyon

We have primarily visited in late winter/early spring. I love that time of year for several reasons - I can escape the northeast nasty weather and enjoy warmer weather in FL (usually), and the crowds are manageable (usually!)

Of course, the BEST means something different to different people. You can have a wonderful Disney World vacation 12 months of the year. It's all in the planning!

The Vacation Specialists at Coasters & Castles Travel help clients plan trips no matter when they'd like to visit. They have all have completed Disney's College of Knowledge training and visit Walt Disney World regularly to stay up to speed on all the latest news.

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