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A Magical First Haircut: Our Family's Experience at Harmony Barber Shop

Taking a child for their first haircut is a milestone every parent cherishes, but imagine adding a touch of Disney magic to the experience! Our guest writer, Kara Brown from Coasters & Castles Travel, recently took her son for his very first haircut at the iconic Harmony Barber Shop located on Main Street, U.S.A. in Walt Disney World.

From the nostalgic atmosphere to the special pixie dust moments, join us as she shares her family's enchanting journey and the lasting memories they created in the heart of the Magic Kingdom.


As a long-time Disney fan, I've always wanted to have my kids' first hair cuts at Harmony Barbershop at Magic Kingdom. When my girls were little, Covid had the barbershop closed down for a while. We were thankfully able to squeeze in the girls' haircuts on a one-day visit before we went on a cruise in 2023 (they were 3 years old).

Now with baby brother added to the family, I knew I also wanted to do his first haircut at Disney. I planned to do it on our trip is coming October, but as our May/June trip got closer, it became obvious that he would need a haircut before the Fall (he's 10 months old and has lots of hair!).

I had missed the 60 day reservation window and everything was full. I kept checking to no

avail, so when we arrived that morning I went straight to Harmony Barbershop to see if there was any walk-in availability. They were full at the time but told me to check back in at lunch time. I arrived back right at noon and they were able to work us in within 10 minutes!

The stylist had a booster seat for Parker to sit on and had me sit on the edge of the chair in front of him. She gave him a little toy to play with and he sat like such a big boy! He cooperated well and she worked quickly and smoothly, you could tell she was used to wiggly kids. The entire thing only took about 10 minutes because of how quick she was and how cooperative Parker was.

We chose not to do the "first haircut" package but they still saved some of his hair in a little bag for me, which I was thankful for. Overall it was a great experience and I am so glad we were able to have that memory with Parker, just like we did with his sisters!


Kara Brown is a travel advisor with Coasters & Castles Travel. She specializes in Disney destinations and Universal Orlando Resort.

She frequently visits Walt Disney World with her husband, twin daughters, and son. Kara lives in southeast Tennessee and loves to travel and adventure with her family.

Follow her accounts below and reach out to Kara to help plan your families next magical vacation.


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