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Check out Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

This year at Coasters & Castles Annual Meeting we explored Universal Orlando for the first time. From the Hotels to the theme parks/Citywalk, I loved going to Universal! After a long day at both Universal and Islands of Adventure, my friend and I decided to try Toothsome Chocolate Emporium located in CityWalk for dinner.


The story behind Toothsome’s really cute and it involves a character Penelope. Penelope was actually at the restaurant visiting with guests and she explained how she was a time traveler. She went home one day to find her family missing. (They were also time travelers.) They left a note for Penelope saying they would find her where there was chocolate. She decided to build the largest building out of chocolate she could and that is how Toothsome’s came to be.  It’s such a fun story! 

Even if you don’t eat there ... I’d suggest going in just to look around! The milkshakes are out of this world and you can buy a dessert or milkshake To Go  at the counter and then go walk around CityWalk. You won’t be disappointed! 

Here's a peak at the menu:


Lisa Wainwright, Senior Vacation Specialist at Coasters & Castles Travel. Contact Lisa at lwainwright@coastersandcastlestravel.com.

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