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Cruise of the Month: Adults on Disney Cruise Line

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

When I talk to people about a Disney cruise, one of the first questions I’m asked is, “but aren’t there kids running around everywhere?” and I can say from experience, not necessarily.

While yes, Disney cruises will have more kids than other cruise lines, there are many ways to still enjoy a peaceful, relaxing vacation. Disney has done a great job ensuring there are areas of the ship that children are not permitted in. They offer a wonderful spa, specialty restaurants, and several themed bars and night clubs, but my favorite adult-only place was Satellite Falls.

Satellite Falls is a pool and sun deck on the very front of the ship (we were on the Disney Dream). There is no thru-traffic, nothing above you, and plenty of loungers to go around. The pool at Satellite Falls isn’t a traditional swimming pool, but a wading/lounging pool. There are benches built in and a waterfall feature in the middle. You can even sit under the falls if you’d like!

Quiet pool

Disney Cruise Line ships also offer the Quiet Cove pool area for adults only, which includes a deeper swimming pool, pool bar, and hot tubs. This is also a nice area for adults, but with another deck above it, thru-traffic to other areas, and most of the loungers being in the shade, I found Satellite Falls more enjoyable. This area was definitely more popular, as it was sometimes hard to find a chair or lounger in the Quiet Cove.

I can’t talk about adult-only places to relax on a Disney cruise without mentioning Serenity Bay on

Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay
Serenity Bay BBQ Sign

Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. Accessible by a tram (you can also walk, but the tram is much faster), Serenity Bay is the adults-only beach area on the island. With plenty of chairs, loungers, and umbrellas, I could sit on that beach all day long! Serenity Bay also has its own beach barbeque area, which offers everything the family area barbeque does and more! This allows you to spend the entire day in this quiet oasis if you’d like, without having to trek across the island for lunch. With servers walking the beach with cocktails, there’s not even a need to walk to the bar if you don’t want to!

While Disney Cruise Lines does cater to families with children, I can honestly say I enjoyed a relaxing vacation with very minimal disruption. Aside from optional activities (games on the pool deck, shows in the theater, etc.), passing in the hallways, and in the main dining areas (Cabanas- the buffet, and the three formal dining rooms), I think I could have gone the whole cruise without even noticing kids on board!


Kara Brown is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel. An experienced Disney vacationer, Kara can assist you in planning an amazing vacation. kbrown@coastersandcastlestravel.com

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