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Cruise of the Month: The Spa on Disney Cruise Line

I was a spa newbie when I boarded the Disney Dream in November of 2018. Disney Cruise Line has an open house on sail away day for every voyage. Passengers can tour the Senses Spa® aboard the Disney Cruise Lines.

Senses Spa & Salon, available on all Disney Cruise Line ships

The Spa crew members will give a tour into all of the areas of the spa and advise about all of the options in the Spa. We were only on a 3 night cruise but I could have stayed in that spa for a week. We partook of the Rainforest room and a couples’ hot stone massage.

The Rainforest room consisted of the Sauna, Steam Room, multiple mineral showers, heated beds, and a mineral hot tub. The heated beds were absolute heaven. The beds are contoured to the body. It is best to lay down a towel to lay on as the beds definitely get warm. These beds became a good nap option for me. Having a bad back, laying on the heated bed was exactly what I needed.

This room also consists of the mineral hot tub. This was a little challenging for me because I am already very buoyant and I could not keep myself from floating in the hot tub. My husband loved it though. The water has a lot of minerals in it which can assist a person to float more. It is similar to what happens to people in the dead sea.

When a guest purchases the Rainforest pass, they get unlimited use of the rainforest showers, sauna, steam room, heated beds, and mineral hot tubs. Some of these are based on availability. The beds often filled quickly.

The other Spa offering that we purchased was the couple’s massage. Our massage therapists were absolutely amazing. I had never had a full massage before. I was a little concerned about modesty but my fears were easily resolved. The spa crew members provided a sheet to keep us covered and only pulled the sheet back on areas that they were working on. Both of the crew members spoke with us during the massage and made us both feel really comfortable. We chose the hot stone massage. All I can say about that was WOW! I thought a hot stone massage, they placed the stones on your back. This was definitely not the case. They used the stones to actually massage our legs, arms, and back. In the end, they placed our hands together and spoke a positive wish for us and our relationship. It really was very romantic.

The one thing I would do differently on my next voyage is to book my Senses Spa® services before traveling as the price is less if booked ahead of sail date. Additionally, Senses Spa® has treatments on Castaway Cay®. Disney Cruise Line is currently offering some specials on treatments on the island.

Lynne Macolini is a co-owner of Coasters & Castles Travel.

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