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Eating at Disney with Your Family Affordably

The biggest tip I could give is to forgo the soda, juice, or milk at all meals. Soda can become pricy and did you know that at any quick service location and counter service restaurant you can ask for a few cups of water? To go with this water bring your own drink flavors from home, because water can get to be a little boring. An example and my favorite is the Thirst Quencher Powder Variety Pack! They have flavors such as green apple, strawberry, fruit punch and cool blue. Best part is that these will easily fit into your park bag!

Another great tip is to use a third-party shopper that can drop your ordered food right to your resort and there are a few to choose from! (my favorite is called Garden Grocer) I love taking my own food into Walt Disney World, especially if you have picky eaters like I do! For me it is all about the packing for a day at the park! You will need plastic zippered bags in multiple sizes (for example quart, gallon, and sandwich) (extra is a good idea too), salt and pepper, hand sanitizer, a fold up reusable bag, and ice packs. Supplies that could be useful but not necessarily needed include paper plates and utensils! Snacks from home are a great money saver as well. My family’s favorites include jerky, crackers, Kind bars, apple sauce pouches, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit and veggies! Sometimes for a long day at the park we choose a healthy option like cheese or hard boiled eggs for lunch which work great in a packed lunch.

My third money saving tip for food with a large family at Walt Disney World is to reserve a Character Dining Experience for breakfast which can fill you up past lunch. Then all you will need is a quick snack before dinner! One of our favorite Character dining experiences is Chef Mickey’s (unfortunately character dining experiences are not occurring at this time). Meeting all the Fab 5 characters at the Contemporary Resort and enjoying all the delicious breakfast choices! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what a better way to start than with a Mickey waffle, bacon and orange juice?

I hope that these personal tips help your family to save money on food at Walt Disney World and still enjoy their time and the great food options!

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