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NUM NUM Cookies (Stroll)

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

I am a big fan of The Incredibles and definitely the Holiday Cookie Stroll at EPCOT during the Christmas season. This year I was lucky to have one of our great travel advisors, Kelly Guillory give us a little update on the wonderful 2020 cookie season.

This Christmas, I was able to spend the week in Disney World. One thing that I particularly enjoyed was the Holiday Cookie Stroll at EPCOT. This was available as part of the Festival of the Holidays. There were 5 locations throughout the World Showcase where you could get a cookie for $2.50, which is not a bad price for a big cookie at Disney World. There was a passport that you picked up at any location and you would get a stamp for each cookie purchased. If you purchased all 5 cookies, then you could return the passport to get a FREE cookie! This was a challenge that I was definitely up to!

Here are pictures of each delicious cookie!

The Black and White cookie was found at a Holiday Kitchen set up between the Morocco and France Pavilions.

The Linzer cookie at the Germany Pavilion.

The Chocolate Crinkle cookie could be found at the America Pavilion.

The Peppermint Pinwheel cookie at the Canada Pavilion.

The Gingerbread cookie at the World Showcase Pavilion.

And then the Free Cookie was a Peppermint Minnie Cookie!

I only had one day at EPCOT, so I had to get them all in one day, but you were allowed to complete the stroll in more than one visit if you brought your passport with you to get the needed stamps.

This was so much fun and very delicious, too! They were all good, but I have to say that the Linzer cookie was my favorite. I hope they do this again next year!

Thanks for the great story and pictures Kelly. Now I am off to eat some cookies and milk!


Kelly Guillory is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel.

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