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Riding Camels In The Caribbean

When friends and family see you riding a camel in your vacation photos, they could be mistaken for thinking you headed to Morocco instead of the Caribbean. You can tell them you really were in Jamaica having the time of your life and riding a camel.

This unlikely tourist attraction at Prospect Plantation in Ocho Rios includes a tractor-drawn ride, a visit to a butterfly house and feeding ostriches. The camel ride is the tour highlight and you can expect epic views at Sir Harold's Viewpoint and White Water Gorge. The giant camels are domesticated and friendly and make a great photo op.

The British brought camels to the tropical destination of Jamaica during the 18th century. The sturdy animals worked in the sugar plantations in the past and today take visitors for scenic safari-style rides through the farm that produces all the good stuff from spices and sugar cane to bananas and coffee.

Another beautiful camel-riding experience can be had in the Riviera Maya. You can take a ride through a camel ranch in Cancun that includes mangroves, jungle and pristine stretches of coastline. Your guide will tell you the camels love the sandy beach but are not keen on getting in the water. The peaceful ride takes about two hours and is advertised as being fine for beginners - well, isn't almost everyone a beginner when it comes to riding a camel? You are advised to wear closed-toed shoes, long sleeves and pants, bug spray, and sunblock.

It can feel a little scary climbing aboard this giant creature's back at the beginning, but camels move slowly, and you will soon relax and begin to take in the stunning scenery visible from your high viewpoint.

Your guide will give you lots of interesting info, stop at the best areas for photos, and make sure you are safe during your unique nature ride. What a thrill to ride a camel during your vacation!


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