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There's a NEW Dining Plan in Town

I love the Disney Dining Plans! They allow me to pay in advance for all the yummy food my family will eat on our trip. It takes away the stress of looking at each menu like a Scrooge. And, if I have a Table Service meal planned, we are ensured of a time to sit down, take a break and rest our feet all while enjoying that Disney magic!

There's a BRAND NEW Dining Plan now that promises even MORE! With the Disney Dining Plan PLUS, guests get TWO Table Service meals each day plus two Snacks (and these can be beverages too) and the super fun, collectible, resort refillable mug!

Ask your Vacation Planner about adding a Walt Disney World Dining Plan to your package for a stress-free vacation!!


Mary Graham is a Vacation Planner with Coasters & Castles Travel. She specializes in all Disney destinations, along with Universal, cruises, river cruises, and all-inclusives. Contact her at mary@tripsbymary.com.

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