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What's to Love about Deluxe Villas

Why do I love the Deluxe Villas?

I am not a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) member but I really love staying at the Deluxe Villas in a 1 bedroom room. Although eating out is fun, I am not the type who likes to eat out all of the time. When I have a Deluxe Villa, I can cook my own meals. I go to a grocery store on Route 192 and pick up my food and I have a full refrigerator. I have a full oven, plenty of cookware, dishes, glasses, etc.

This past vacation, I stayed at Saratoga Springs. I was able to have some friends over for dinner. It was a fairly simple dinner. We bought some potatoes, a half turkey breast and a canned vegetable along with some salad. I roasted the turkey and the potatoes together. The food was delicious, we had a quite area to enjoy our dinner and chat.

Our room came with a coffee maker and mousekeeping brought us plenty of coffee packets and plenty of the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions. We also had a full washer and dryer in our room. I can bring down a bottle of my own laundry detergent or use the boxes that the resort supplies and I can wash clothes whenever I want. This allows me to pack less and it could cost me less when I fly depending on the airline that I choose.

Finally the resorts are a lot quieter. I did not hear my neighbors coming in and out of their room at midnight when I was trying to sleep or any other noises. These resorts have larger beds and a nicer quality mattress which can be helpful to someone like me with bad back issues.

These resorts are a lot more expensive than a value or moderate resort but we saved a lot of money by eating in our room. We paid less than $150.00 in groceries for a week. Even the quick service restaurants and food courts are expensive with burgers and fries costing between $11.99 and $14.99 for each adult. We saved a lot in food costs and saved during the year to be able to afford this resort.

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