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Photos you must take while in Disney World

If it your first trip to Disney or your 10th time to Disney World there are just some pictures that you have to take!

  • The park sign as your entering the park on the bus or car

  • In front of Cinderella’s castle (Magic Kingdom)

  • With Mickey Mouse

  • Getting a signature with favorite Disney character

  • Giving your favorite character a hug

  • Your child’s reaction when they first enter each park

  • First or 100th pair of Ears

  • Trying on silly character hats

  • While on your favorite ride

  • Eating one of your favorite mickey treats

  • Looking at the park map

  • A picture with the Walt Disney Statue (Magic Kingdom)

  • A picture with three different Mickey Mouses

  • While waiting in line

  • A picture with or of a mickey balloon

  • A picture of the castle at sunset

  • Another picture of the castle during the fireworks show (Magic Kingdom)

  • a picture with Main Street USA in the background (Magic Kingdom)

  • a picture riding the train

  • your child asleep on the bus after a long day at the park

  • a picture on the monorail

  • photo of someone looking at the castle(Magic Kingdom)

  • hugging or kissing in front of the castle(Magic Kingdom)

  • from the top of the a ride looking down

  • a unique view of the castle(Magic Kingdom)

  • a picture of your food especially if its mickey shaped

  • a photo while the ride is in motion just hold on to your phone

  • while waiting for the parade to start

  • waving at characters in the parade

  • coordination Disney vacation shirts

  • photo of your magic band

  • pointing to a hidden Mickey

  • in front Space Ship Earth (EPCOT)

  • in front of the fountain of Nations (EPCOT)

  • in front of the fountain and Eiffel Tower (EPCOT)

  • in front and/or inside each Pavilion (EPCOT)

  • at night in front of Space Ship Earth (EPCOT)

  • of the monorail from a far

  • while riding the bus

  • on the ferry as you cross the seven seas lagoon

  • in front of the Tree of life (Animal Kingdom)

  • as your child becomes an official Wilderness Explorer (Animal Kingdom)

  • As you collect stickers in your wilderness explorer book (Animal Kingdom)

  • On the Kilimanjaro Safari (Animal Kingdom)

  • Unique shows in the middle of the streets

  • In front of Mount Everest(Animal Kingdom)

  • While wearing 3D glasses

  • Holding your collectors popcorn bin or mug

  • in front of the guitar from Rock N’ Roller coaster (Hollywood Studios)

  • in front of the Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios)

  • in front of The Great Movie ride (Hollywood Studios)

  • in front of the Muppets Vision 3D movie (Hollywood Studios)

  • in front of the Star Wars Launch Bay (Hollywood Studios)

  • as you enter Toy Story land (Hollywood Studios)

  • in front of the Hollywood Studios Sign inside the park

  • of the Earful Tower (Hollywood Studios)

Maria Merritt is a vacation specialist with Coasters and Castles Travel. She lives in Arizona but is originally from Colorado. Her favorite Disney character is Princess Belle and her favorite attraction is the Kilimanjaro safari in Animal Kingdom. Hablo Español

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