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Magic Kingdom Security Checks - New AND Improved! Yes, REALLY!

Just in time for one of the busiest weeks of the year in Magic Kingdom®, Walt Disney World® has implemented new security check points for guests as they enter. I was skeptical upon reading about these changes but I was there to see them in action myself and I can tell you that, in my opinion, these changes are definitely an improvement in the flow of getting into Magic Kingdom®!

If you have a car and park at the Magic Kingdom parking lot (also known as the Ticket & Transportation Center), you will notice these changes as soon as you get through the tram tunnel. Disney security greets you as you get off of the tram. If you are lucky enough to be parked close enough to walk through the tram tunnel, you'll notice that you can no longer walk along the side of the gift shop. Instead, you need to make the sharp left and walk around to security. You can no longer get to even the will call windows without getting your bags checked and walking through metal detectors. I have to admit, I love that it breaks up the crowd! Here's some pictures of my CRAZY early morning on Friday...

Once we were in the Transportation and Ticket Center, we took the ferry to Magic Kingdom. It was insanely early so we were able to get peek at the security for the Disney resort bus security checks too. The bus security checkpoint is in the open area by the bus stops before the guests entering Magic Kingdom even reach the ferry stop. There are bag checks lining the whole tented area and one metal detector for every 2 bag check tables.

We also checked out the Magic Kingdom Resort water taxi and monorail security check points! :) The monorail stations have a bag check and metal detector before you enter the monorail platform! Yes, the monorail riding guests get checked before they even get on the monorail. The water taxi checkpoint is different. The guests get on the water taxi and get checked as they get off the water taxi and head to Magic Kingdom.

Some things to note: Yes, even if you are getting off of the monorail at another Magic Kingdom area resort you must go through the bag check and metal detector. Yes, my children had to go through the metal detector.

Yes, from what we could tell EVERYONE needed to go through the metal detectors. It didn't seem like there were random screenings anymore.

I will be honest, this seems like a HUGE improvement. The guests coming to visit Magic Kingdom are not all shoved together to go through 12 screening points at the park entrance. Everyone is screened before they even get to the old bag check checkpoint! Each check point only handles sets of guests as they arrive so there's not a constant flow of buses and monorails arriving at the same time for guests to feel rushed to beat crowds getting to security!!

Keep in mind, the coming week is one of the most crowded at Walt Disney World®. Security will still be crowded, waits will be long and it will take a very long time to get to the parks. Disney always suggests giving yourself 90 minutes to get from point A to point B and these security measures will not lessen that time... especially during busy weeks!

Despite the crowds descending on Walt Disney World® over the next 14 days I think this change is a huge improvement over the past security checks at Magic Kingdom!! If you're visiting Magic Kingdom soon please let us know what you think too!!

Chrissie Lograno-Weinstein is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel, LLC. She is from Rockaway Beach, NY and currently lives in Cape Coral, Florida with her husband and children. Chrissie has been to Walt Disney World more times than she can count. She is an avid Disney fan and a mom who is all too familiar with traveling with children who have special needs. Her favorite characters are Minnie Mouse and The Muppets. Her favorite attractions are Mickey's Philharmagic and Jungle Cruise. Chrissie would love to help you book and plan a MAGICAL Disney vacation!

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