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Disney Vacation Accounts Ending

The Disney Vacation account offered a convenient solution for families wishing to save up for a big trip. I had one set up to save for my Disney Cruise next year. Each month, I contributed a set amount from my checking account towards my goal. For every $1,000 saved and used, Disney offered a $20 Disney Gift Card as an incentive. Last week, we got word that the program was ending effective immediately.

Savers were given four options to close the accounts:

1. Use the total amount to purchase a Disney Gift Card. Doing so before September 27 would entitle the saver to a 5% bonus.

2. Redeem the account toward the Disney vacation of your choice. They included an offer for a 3-night stay at an All-Star resort and 2 day tickets.

3. Do nothing. After 9/27/17, Disney will simply close the accounts and process refunds pus a bonus of 2% of the closing balance.

4. Request a refund with no bonus.

I went ahead and chose Option 1 and received an e-Gift Card immediately. I then used the funds to pay towards my cruise. As an agent, I advised my clients to utilize the Disney Vacation Accounts and I am sad to see the program ending.

Mary Graham is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel and she LOVES planning Disney vacations and sharing the Magic with her clients. Email: mgraham@coastersandcastlestravel.com.

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