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Tip Tuesday

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Every Tuesday, the Vacation Specialists at Coasters & Castles Travel will share one of their Tips for a great vacation. These have been compiled over many, many trips and will help you have a seamless, wonderful vacation.

From Mary Graham, Vacation Specialist:

Did you know that the Walt Disney World resort in Florida is twice the size of Manhattan? Forty three square miles, to be exact! While there are buses, boats and monorails to help you get around, you will still put a LOT of miles in just walking.

If you aren't a regular walker or runner, I highly recommend that you start a walking program before your visit. On a recent day at EPCOT, I walked close to 10 miles in one day! I walk and run regularly, but my feet were still feeling it by the end of the day. I can't imagine how I would feel if I wasn't used to it.

So my Tip is to use your upcoming trip as motivation and get moving TODAY!!

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