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Tip Tuesday

Every Tuesday, the Vacation Specialists at Coasters & Castles Travel will share one of their Tips for a great vacation. These have been compiled over many, many trips and will help you have a seamless, wonderful vacation.

From Robin Wright, Vacation Specialist:

In the Japan pavilion at EPCOT, in Walt Disney World, you can have a once in a lifetime experience. At the Pick a Pearl counter, you can pick an oyster out of a tank, the cast member will then open it to see what you get. You are guaranteed a real pearl or you could get two! The sizes all vary depending on which one you choose. They clean the pearl up and hold a little ceremony including you in it.

It’s a fun experience and a keepsake that you can keep forever. They have settings for sale there but I bought a necklace that looks like Cinderella’s carriage with a cage to put the pearl in. It’s beautiful!! It’s great for girls of all ages...I mean who doesn’t love jewelry?? The cost is $15.95 plus tax.

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