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Tip Tuesday

Every Tuesday, the Vacation Specialists at Coasters & Castles Travel will share one of their Tips for a great vacation. These have been compiled over many, many trips and will help you have a seamless, wonderful vacation.

From Mary Graham, Vacation Specialist:

At the end of the night, after the fireworks or other nighttime show, everyone heads for the exits. There is a mass exodus of guests trying to get back to their hotel as quickly as possible.

My tip is to hang out and wait for the crowds to thin. The shops on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom will stay open for quite awhile after Happily Ever After. So, just stop in and browse. Or, find a bench to sit on and watch the waves of people leaving.

Once the crowds pass, make your way to the bus stop or back to your car, and have a relaxing walk and, a less crowded bus/boat/monorail ride home.

Mary Graham is a Vacation Specialist and Agent Mentor with Coasters & Castles Travel. As an Annual Passholder, she visits often to stay on top of every detail. She loves helping her clients plan the perfect Disney vacation!

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