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Tip Tuesday

Every Tuesday, the Vacation Specialists at Coasters & Castles Travel will share one of their Tips for a great vacation. These have been compiled over many, many trips and will help you have a seamless, wonderful vacation.

From Melissa Lenox, Vacation Specialist:

t can be a tough decision whether or not to pay for the Disney Dining Plan. Particularly if you have a picky eater in your family. One thing to keep in mind though is that you can share meals or use Snack Credits to 'make a meal.' When I went in February I fed my picky eater breakfast of a muffin and fruit using Snack Credits. Then saved that Quick Service Credit for another use. You can find snacks all over the parks and they have a lot of healthier options too.

Another great savings is use a grocery delivery service and have cases of water delivered to your hotel. Then you can use your snack points for the really good stuff like desserts or to tide you over after a big breakfast until dinner! Plus you'll get a better value out of the dining plan.

Melissa Lenox is a Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel. She would love to help you plan your magical Disney vacation!

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